If you want to learn about holistic animal remedies and therapies that can help your animal live a longer, healthier, and happier life, this e-zine is for you. It will primarily focus on dogs, cats, and horses but if a reader wants to learn about rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, lizards, snakes, doves, parrots, etc., then I'll be more than happy to discuss health care for these animals as I've helped provide care for them for nearly 16 years.

This month is about animal communication and arthritis/pain relief.

News from Abroad and Around Town
Bravo Pet Food Recall

Bravo! Pet Food Company is recalling tubes of frozen dog and cat food because of a potential bacterial contamination. The recall is for 2 pound, 5 pound, and 10 pound sized tubes of Bravo Original Formula Chicken Blend frozen raw food (manufactured on August 24th) and 2 pound tubes of the Basic Formula Finely Ground Chicken frozen raw food (manufactured on August 14th) because they could be contaminated with salmonella and listeria. They are also recalling 2 pound, 5 pound, and 10 pound tubes of Original Formula Turkey Blend frozen raw food (manufactured on August 24th) because they could be contaminated with Listeria.

Both salmonella and listeria can cause serious infections in dogs and cats and is a concern for young children, the elderly, frail, and those with compromised immune systems from cross contamination. The company has received no reports of illness in people or animals. Call 866-922-9222 for more information or go to the website.

Illegal Dog Trade
The US Humane Society is trying to raise awareness and encourage enforcement of a law banning the cruel dog meat trade in the Philippines. Despite being banned since 1998, the illegal dog meat trade continues to flourish in certain regions of the country, costing up to 500,000 dogs their lives. Legislators in the Philippines recently passed a new law creating stiffer penalties for those involved in the trade. Watch the video and consider urging the president of the Philippines to increase funding to ensure that this new law is enforced. It only takes a minute. Here is the link.

Don't Forget Barktoberfest
Pampered Paws Boutique & Urban Paws Magazine present Kingwood Barktoberfest
DATE: Saturday, October 6, 2007 - Rain or Shine
TIME: 10 am - 6 pm - Howlin' Hounds Walk begins at noon
LOCATION: Kingwood Town Center Park 8 North Main St. Kingwood
Great fun for you and your dog! Costume contest, photography, raffle, canine massage, agility demonstrations, and more! See website for more details.

Featured Topic
Animal Communication

I wanted to talk about animal communication, something near and dear to my heart. More and more people are becoming open to it. More people attend my animal communication workshops than any other I offer. I also do more animal communication sessions than any other type of session. Simply, people truly want to be able to talk to AND understand their animals. They want that deeper bond. What is so wonderful, is that EVERYONE can do it.

Do you believe animals can talk to one another? I know they can. It is not only dog to dog or cat to cat, it's horse to dog, cat to bird. And yes, wild animals talk to one another, too, and even domesticated animals. Click here to see this incredible story with photos of a dog playing with a polar bear. I know, without a doubt, they were communicating with one another. If interspecies communication between animals exists, than it should be easier to believe that interspecies communication between people and animals can exist, too. I have talked with majestic animals like lions and leopards, to smaller creatures such as a sea horse, praying mantis, and yes, even a fly. Even the smallest of creatures has a message. Some messages are absolutely profound. I also find that many messages that pets have for their owners are simply amazing. When they answer what is their life's purpose or what can the owner learn from them, the answers can be quite profound.

You have probably heard stories of children seeing angels, but if you were to ask those children when they got older if they still saw angels, most would say no. They might not ever remember that they did see angels in the first place - perhaps a parent is the one that is recalling the story that their child told to them. Animal communication is the same way. We are all intuitive. If you think for one second you can't do it, that it is only for the gifted, I am happy to tell you that you are 100% wrong.

Through meditations and exercises in my workshops, the right side of your brain, the intuitive side, is awakened. I did not say discovered, I said awakened. That is because this ability has been there all the time. As adults, most would doubt this ability is possible. However, have you ever sat at your computer, like you are now, and thought of someone? Then, an email pops up from them. Or, you are busy doing dishes, cooking supper, or reading, and all of a sudden you remember you need to feed your dog or let your horse out of their stall? Well, most likely, that is your intuitive ability at work: letting you know someone else was thinking about you or your animal sending you a message. Yes, most likely, that was NOT a coincidence. That is the way intuition works, and that is the same way telepathic communication works. In fact, it may be mind boggling to you, but after you realize you can talk to animals, you will realize your world is not limited to just them (though that is an awesome experience by itself). You may have heard of the book, Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch (whom I have met), or seen the inspirational movie. It simply shows the possibilities that exist within each of us. Yes, if you choose to do so, you can speak to your angels and God and HEAR what they have to say. For some of you, this is a leap of faith, and you know what, that is ok - you can take the leap if and when you are ready.

I have found that the people that come to an animal communication workshop are on a spiritual journey, whether they realize it or not. The animal communication is just a doorway to this journey. Animals are windows to our souls and doorways to our spiritual destinies. If you allow them to teach you, you will be better for it. Click here to learn more about animal communication and how it can change your life in a beautiful way.

Helpful Tips
Arthritis and Pain Relief
Arthritis, which includes joint disease, hip dysplasia, inflammation, and spinal arthritis, is a condition that many animals will see in their lifetime and it can cause discomfort. Pain in tendons, ligaments, and muscles is called rheumatism. Also, your animal may have injured themselves and are in need of something to help them cope with their pain while they are recovering. Sadly, some animals need to be on constant pain relief for their condition. You need to realize there are safe and natural ways of helping arthritis and pain relief that most animals will respond well to. In most cases, drugs such as Rimadyl, bute, aspirin, ibuprofen, and cortisone can be avoided. These medications can have serious side effects if given long term. If your animal is on pain medication, your vet should have given you information about the possible side effects that can arise, like nausea/vomiting, liver/kidney/stomach problems, and skin issues. I want to share with you some alternatives you may want to consider for your dog, cat, or horse.

Nutrition is helpful if your animal is on as natural a diet as possible. This can help prevent arthritis or help it from worsening.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate are probably the two most well known products used to treat arthritis in people and animals (dogs, cats, and horses). Cosequin is a popular brand used by vets. It is a wonderful product but it is expensive, and perhaps not everyone can afford it for their animal. There are other quality products out there that are more affordable. For my 16 year old horse, I give her the human product, Extra Strength Joint Maintenance by Puritan's Pride. I give her this because it is more affordable than the products sold for horses that I have found and works very well. It comes in a tablet form and I crush 4 pills for her daily (total of 2000 mg Glucosamine, 1600 mg Chondroitin Sulfate, and 665 mg of Vitamin C) and put it on dampened bread. Puritan's Pride always has a special such as buy 2 get 1 free. It is interesting to note that the human serving size is 3 tablets. You can get glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate products in a powder or capsule form, too.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a natural form of sulfur. Over time, the amount of sulfur in our bodies and those of animals decreases. MSM has been used to help cartilage, tissue, joint flexibility, and reduce inflammation. In Europe, it has even been used on children with juvenile arthritis. I have found it seems to be more common with equine vets than small animal vets; an equine vet told me about it many years ago. I do not believe it is because MSM helps more horses than small animals. You see, you can get alot of MSM for your money. For instance, 5 pounds of NaturVet's MSM is $22.95. If you didn't know this, large animal vets generally do not make the income that the small animal vets make. And, MSM is not going to make a vet much money at that price. I personally use NaturVet's MSM with my horses and two older dogs. One of my dogs, who is almost 17 years old, used to drag his back legs when he would get up after sleeping. He did this over 5 years ago. I put him on MSM and he has NEVER done this again. My 12 year old collie is also on it and does very well (that is the only joint supplement she gets).

You need to know that small animals, horses, and people utilize MSM differently. For instance, my 16 year old 1000+ pound horse takes 2 scoops, or 20 grams of it daily. My younger mare takes 1 scoop which is what is recommended for maintenance. My 40 pound older dog and my collie both take 1 1/2 scoops daily. My husband, who is about 200 pounds, takes 1 scoop to help with allergies and back pain. MSM mainly comes in a powder type form (looks like sugar). The only downside is it does not taste good, though my dogs and horses eat it right up with the bread I put it on.

Dehydroepiandrostrone (DHEA) is the most naturally abundant occurring hormone in a mammal’s body and is produced by the adrenal glands. As aging occurs, production of it slows down greatly. The reduction of DHEA is associated with aging health conditions. It has been found to help not only brittle bones but decrease the incidence of cancer, reduce cholesterol, artery disease, stabilize blood sugar, improve liver function, and protect the brain from senility while increasing memory function. It is more common to use with dogs than cats. I use this with my older dog. It has helped put muscle on his weak hindquarters, where he has a large tumor. You can purchase DHEA at a health food store, like GNC. A bottle of 90 capsules that are 25 mg is $9.99. I give my older dog 1/2 a capsule every other day. You can also give for 3-4 weeks daily and then give a week off, whatever way is easier for you. It does not need to be given constantly since DHEA is a precursor to hormones naturally found in the body.

Yucca, Devil’s Claw, Alfalfa, Meadowsweet, and Willow Bark are herbs commonly used for arthritis due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Devil’s claw should not be used with pregnant animals or those with ulcers. Willow bark should not be used with competition horses that compete at regulated events because it contains salicylic acid, the base for pharmaceutical aspirin. Ar-Ease (Crystal Star) contains yucca, devil’s claw, and alfalfa and has been used with success with small animals. To find sources for herbs, click here.

Homeopathy can be very helpful in dealing with pain and arthritis.

  • Belladonna is used for inflammation
  • Apis for swollen joints
  • Arnica for bruises, sore muscles, and sprains
  • Euphrasia and Aconite for eye pain
  • Calcium Phosphate for fractures
  • Hypericum for nerve injuries, mashed toes or tail, punctures, and burns.
  • To learn more about homeopathy, click here.

    Aromatherapy can be helpful. The essential oils Bergamot, Juniper, Lavender, and Rosemary act like an analgesic. Oils can be diluted with water in a spray bottle for small animals. For horses, you can apply directly to their skin with a carrier oil. To learn more about aromatherapy, sources, and how to prepare the oils, please click here.

    Flower Essences can help your animal deal with their emotions when they are in discomfort. The Bach Rescue Remedy, a combination of 5 Bach essences, is popular for animals dealing with the stress of an illness, injury, shock, or trauma. Agrimony is helpful for animals that are ill or injured but try not to show their discomfort or have trouble trusting others. Most animals need 3-7 essences to help them with their situation. There are many other essences that can be helpful for an animal but you need to determine which of the 39 remedies are right for your animal. To learn more about flower essences, how they work, and information on custom blends, please click here.

    Acupuncture is used often by holistic vets with success to treat discomfort and arthritis. Click here to find a vet that practices this.

    can help your animal be more comfortable by helping with the discomfort they are in. There are specific techniques to help remove pain. Reiki will help in some way – emotional, physical, and/or spiritual. Learn reiki so you can offer your animal the wonderful healing energy.

    Keep in mind that if you do not give your animal the right amount of glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, MSM, DHEA, or herbs, even if you have the right product, it will not really help them. I find that muscle testing is a way to determine not only what is the right product for an animal, but also what is the right amount. It is something I teach my clients and students as it is an amazing tool. Many holistic vets, naturopathic doctors, and private health food store owners use muscle testing in their practices.

    Gift Certificates
    Gift certificates are now available. Just in time for the holidays. Give your family or friend a gift certificate towards a consultation or workshop.

    Upcoming Workshops
    I offer classes and workshops at my farm and at other residences, farms, and businesses. If you are interested in any of the workshops or hosting one, please click here. If you host a workshop, you can attend F*R*E*E if you have 3-6 paying people (depends on travel time).

    F*R*E*E Introduction to Holistic Animal Care
    Learn how animal communication, reiki, animal massage, Bach flower essences, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and kinesiology can help your pet. This is your opportunity to learn more about holistic animal therapies. This is a F*R*E*E class but you must register to attend.

  • Saturday, October 27th 5:30-7:30pm
  • Saturday, December 8th 5:30-7:30pm

  • Learn Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for People & Animals
    EFT is a breakthrough method to help people and animals resolve all kinds of problems – fears, post-traumatic stress disorder, pain, illness, anxiety, etc. It is energy based so there are no side effects, just some really possible awesome results. You must understand that all negative emotions stem from an energy disturbance in the body. If the negative emotions block the energy flow, this can lead to illness. EFT uses acupressure points to free up the energy blockages. It’s amazing and simple! Anyone can do it, including children. This workshop will be taught by myself and Helen Racz, a professional EFT practitioner.
    Date: Sunday, October 7th 10am-5pm

    Basic Animal Communication Workshop
    Everyone has the ability to communicate with animals. It is only a matter of awakening this ability inside yourself. If you have ever wanted to know what your animal is thinking, feeling, their life purpose, or how to help them with a behavioral or physical condition, this workshop is for you. A group situation provides an ideal learning environment. Through photos of workshop participants' animals and an animal at the farm, you will learn to communicate with animals, including those that are in spirit. Deepen your bond with your animal and experience your relationship like you have never done before.
  • Sunday, October 21st 10am-5pm
  • Sunday, November 18th 10am-5pm
  • Sunday, December 9th 10am-5pm

  • Reiki I for People & Animals Workshop
    Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing and can have amazing results. Reiki for animals and people helps heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. If your pet has emotional problems due to a traumatic situation, reiki can help release and heal those emotions. For behavioral issues such as nervousness or hyperactivity, it can help your pet relax and reduce their stress and anxiety. If your pet is sick or injured, reiki can help your pet heal more quickly. If your pet is facing a serious illness, it can help bring comfort and be a great complement to other forms of treatment. If your beloved pet is dying, reiki can help bring peace and comfort to you and your pet during this difficult time. Level I gives you the ability to do reiki on yourself, others, and animals, and is especially important for self-healing. Workshop participants will learn how to do reiki on one another and several live animals at the farm.
  • Sunday, November 4th 10am-5pm
  • Sunday, December 2nd 10am-5pm

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