Continued from August 2012 holistic email newsletter

Cats can thrive in their life on a natural diet!! Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they must obtain their protein from MEAT sources and do not need grains in their diet to survive. Cats originate from the desert, and are not natural thirsters. Therefore, they rely on the moisture from the prey they would catch while hunting. Cats need around 70-80% moisture in their daily diet. It is important to know that most dry food containing many grains only provides around 12-15% moisture, and it is better for any cat to be on a moisture rich diet whether you feed all canned or raw. Adding a little Willard's Water to their food daily restores the ph balance to an alkaline or balanced state in the body . Without the right amount of hydration in their diet cats can be susceptible to Feline Lower Urinary Bowel Disease (FLUTD) or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Once these conditions are present they tend to be chronic, but you can boost a cat's health by putting them on an all raw or canned diet – no dry food. Homeopathy can work well for acute urinary tract infections. UTI-Free has proven to be very effective for cats with urinary or bladder issues. Herbal remedies such as Tinkle Tonic by Apawthecary or chamomile, lavender and hydrangea teas work well to dissolve crystals and/or stones. I use the hydrangea tea, the UTI-Free, Willard’s Water and the herbal supplement Kidney Support for Saucey and in the past 3 years she has not had to go back to the vet, get fluids and rarely gets a UTI. UTI-Free and Kidney Support are both from Pet Alive. Click here to go to the Native Remedies page and then click on Pet Alive. You will find many wonderful products there.

A cat with recurring bladder issues is telling you to pay attention to the kidneys – if you consider Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), you can see that the Water Element is governed by the Kidney and its sister organ, the Bladder. Bones, teeth and fear are all components in the Water element that can be affected if there is an imbalance. Saucey is the perfect example of an out of balance Water cat. She came to our house with complete fear wondering what was happening to her life and she developed arthritis at age 5 (I believe she was desperately trying to take Ruth’s bone cancer on a spiritual and metaphysical level as our animals often take on our pain or mirror us). The arthritis is the most outward or physical of manifestations, and as the imbalance gets worse it goes deeper into the bladder and then the organ – Kidneys, in this case until ultimately the kidneys could fail. Following the TCM philosophy and the elemental path if I maintain proper function of the inner most organ or core, the kidney, I can prevent other issues from manifesting such as the bladder infections and hip or joint issues. Therefore, the Kidney Support and the Willards Water are essential to offer her everyday for maintenance and prevention. I use the UTI-Free and the teas when flare-ups occur until the issue has dissolved.

Prevention is the key, and should begin with the diet. Make sure your cat is getting enough moisture in their diet, try to minimize grains, and consider holistic and natural remedies when possible. Saucey, a brave volunteer, has taught me so much. I am grateful everyday for the doors she has opened for me, and I communicate with her original mom, Ruth, often because Saucey told me that I can, therefore, I do! I know Ruth is with us.



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