If you want to learn about holistic animal remedies and therapies that can help your animal live a longer, healthier, and happier life, this e-zine is for you. It will primarily focus on dogs, cats, and horses but if a reader wants to learn about rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, lizards, snakes, doves, parrots, etc., then I'll be more than happy to discuss health care for these animals as I've helped provide care for them for over 16 years.

The e-zine will arrive on the 15th of each month.

This month's features:

  • October 4th Barktoberfest Event
  • FDA Heartworm Prevention Drug Back on Market
  • Possible Vet Shortage
  • More help for those Pesky Pests - Flies and Fleas
  • Around Town
    Saturday, October 4th Barktoberfest in Kingwood
    The second annual Barktoberfest is from 11am-6pm. It will benefit local animal shelters and rescue groups. There will be seminars, demonstrations, auction, raffle, rescue groups, and pet related vendors at the event. See website for more information.

    News from Abroad

  • FDA Heartworm Prevention Drug Back on Market
    ProHeart 6 was voluntarily recalled by Fort Dodge in 2004 based on the FDA’s concerns from reports of serious reactions to dogs which included seizures, convulsions, and death. The FDA is now allowing the reformulated medication to be used on a limited basis. Know what you are getting into before you allow your vet to use this drug on your dog. Click here to read more.
  • Possible Vet Shortage
    In the next 6 years, the US could be facing a shortage of around 4,000 vets. A number of vets are retiring and the 28 veterinary schools can’t keep up with the demand even though they are taking as many students as they can. There is a great need for large animal vets. Most vets go into small animal practice because their salaries are around $61,000 for graduates with only $55,000 for farm animals and $40,000 for equine vets. Considering the economy and possible vet shortage, this makes it even more important for pet owners to learn how they can help their own animals.

    Helpful Tips
    More help for those Pesky Pests - Flies and Fleas
    See the July 2007 e-zine that first covered help for flies and fleas. Below are some additional ideas to help with these pests.
  • Fly Predators
    For additional help with flies bothering your horses and other animals, consider getting fly predators from Spalding Laboratories Spalding Laboratories (5,000 fly predators helps for up to 5 horses for just $18.45 monthly) or Arbico (1 horse for $12.60 or up to 5 horses for $17.95 monthly.) Arbico also carries a solar fly trap for $72.45 and you change out the bait package about every 5 weeks.
  • Horse Fly Masks
    If you are looking for a top fly mask, The Horse Journal picked the Cashel Crusader as their favorite mask for $19.95-$29.95. Absorbine UltraShield Fly Bonnet for $18 was picked as the best buy.
  • Nematodes for Fleas & Ticks
    It is thought that the fleas on your animals only account for 1% of the flea population where your pets are! So, it is important to control where the fleas are coming from or no matter how much you spray or wash your pets, you will still have fleas. Arbico carries NemAttack for fleas and NemaSeek for ticks. You dissolve the formula in water, apply it to your yard, and the nematodes kill the fleas and ticks within 48 hours.
  • Diatomaceous Earth
    This product that was combined with essential oils was mentioned in the July 2007 e-zine, along with the warning for it because of possible irritation to the lungs. I will say that I have used plain “DE” (no added ingredients) on the carpeting in my home when the fleas started hatching. I sprinkled it all over the carpet and let it sit for at least 24 hours, then I vacuumed it up. It worked really well. You can also apply this to your yard. You can purchase plain diatomaceous earth from a variety of sources, including some feed stores. I got mine from Herbal Healer (2# for $5.50). Make sure you get the natural grade and use caution when applying.
  • Essential Oils for Fleas
    Some people are making their own essential oil blend spray for dogs: 10 drops Cedarwood oil, 6 drops Lavender oil, ½ tbsp. Neem oil, and 1 tbsp. Olive oil. Add this to 1 pint of water and put in spay bottle. I have found that putting straight extra virgin olive oil on places on my dog’s body where fleas like to go to keeps them away. You can also add 1 tbsp. olive oil and 1 tbsp. Neem oil to your dog’s shampoo.
  • Lemon Rinse for Fleas
    Squeezing a lemon into water and making it into a rinse for your animal after you have bathed it with shampoo can help to deter fleas.
  • Flea ‘n Tick B Gone
    I had not heard of this product before from Arbico but it is an all natural spray made from enzymes derived from natural plant sources. (16 oz. is $17.64)
  • Future Topics
    Next month we will take a look at holistic options for internal parasites. What health issues would you like me to talk about? This is where I want your help. I have written about topics in the past like vaccinations, cancer, pain, arthritis, and hyperactivity, but I would like your input as to what topics you would like me to address. This is an e-zine to help you with your animals, whether it is a condition your pet has now or something you want to try to prevent. Please take just a minute to let me know what you want to hear about. I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

    The Lightfoot Way: 10 Secrets to Holistic Animal Care e-book is available now. This e-book is F*R*E*E and goes into more detail about the holistic animal care modalities featured on the website. It will open your eyes to energy based healing, which basically all of the holistic methods on the website incorporate. People from all over the world have received it. Get your copy of this 28 page ebook today. Sign up for the e-book here.

    F*R*E*E Phone Consultations for New Clients
    You may be new to holistic animal care or not familiar with all of the modalities. Sometimes reading the information is not enough. I’m offering a free 20 minute phone consultation for new clients or 1 hour for $25 (normal hourly rate is $75). You can access more information on the bottom of the home page, under the 3 photos.

    The 2008 planned workshop schedule is as follows. All workshops are at my farm near Manvel/Alvin or Molly's Mutt House in Houston (where stated).

  • Reiki I for People & Animals:
    Sunday, September 21st 9am-5pm
  • Reiki II for People & Animals:
    Sunday, July 27th 9am-5pm
    Sunday, September 14th 9am-5pm
  • Basic Animal Communication:
    Sunday, August 24th 9am-5pm
    Sunday, October 5th 9am-5pm
  • Canine Massage:
    Sunday, August 10th 9am-5pm
    Sunday, November 9th 9am-5pm
  • Equine Massage:
    Sunday, August 3rd 9am-5pm at 4J Arabian Farm
  • Kinesiology/Muscle Testing:
    Saturday, July 20th 1pm-5pm at Molly's
    Saturday, October 18th 1pm-5pm
  • Bach Flower Essences & Aromatherapy:
    Sunday, August 17th 9am-5pm at Molly's
    Sunday, November 2nd 9am-5pm
  • Crystal Healing:
    Sunday, August 31st 9am-5pm
    Sunday, October 19th 9am-5pm at Molly's
  • Homeopathy:
    Saturday, September 28th 1pm-5pm at Molly's
    Saturday, November 15th 1pm-5pm
  • Workshop fees for 2008 are:

  • All day (7 hours) workshops: $115 from 9am-5pm (previously 10am-5pm) with a $45 deposit. Host this workshop and attend f*r*e*e with 4-6 paying people.
  • Half day (4 hours) workshops: $65 from 9am-1pm or 1-5pm with a $25 deposit. Host this workshop and attend f*r*e*e with 4-6 paying people.
  • Introduction to Holistic Animal Care workshops: $25 from 3-5pm or 5:30-7:30pm (other times possible) with payment in advance. Host this workshop, attend f*r*e*e, and receive half of the monies as my appreciation for letting me introduce others to holistic animal care.
  • Two day workshops: I will be offering a special 2 day workshop. This option is also available for those in another city outside the greater Houston area or another state. Host this workshop and attend f*r*e*e with 4-6 paying people within the greater Houston area and 8-10 paying people outside the greater Houston area, including another state. I would love to travel or fly to your home or business and teach a workshop. Please contact me if you are interested.

    If you are interested in signing up for a workshop, please click here.

    Exciting Products

  • CD’s: The muscle testing CD is now available for $15 and will be on the website soon. Other CD's are coming.
  • Probiotics are very important to the health of your animals. The probiotics I like to use for small animals are Mitomax Premium probiotics MitoMax is a unique probiotic due to its exceptionally high rates of survival of Pedioccocus- live microorganisms (billions/capsule) in animals’ acidic stomach environment when compared to other commonly used Lactobacillus and Bifidobacillus based probiotics. Mitomax premium probiotics when taken in conjunction with antibiotics have been verified to improve the intestinal balance of pets as well as relieve uncomfortable side effects caused by the treatment. One bottle of 40 capsules (one capsule a day for animals under 50#) is $17.99. You can get 10% off by using the coupon #IT08077 indefinitely. You can order them online by going on the company’s website or calling 1-877-879-6486. The coupon database has not been working properly online so include my name or the coupon number in the comments section.

    I now stock this product for those that prefer to order from me. The price is $15.50 and 6.75% sales tax for those in Texas. Priority mail shipping is $6.00. If you are interested in ordering from me, call or email me to arrange.

    Referral Credit
    Refer two people for a standard animal communication session, house call, or all day workshop and receive $25 off of a session or workshop or a $25 gift certificate to pass on to a friend (makes a great gift!). Be sure to tell your referrals to mention your name.

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    The Lightfoot Way

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