Animal Aromatherapy

What is aromatherapy for animals?

Animal aromatherapy is a therapy where essential oils are extracted from the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, stems, seeds, or fruit of a plant. The oils are then either inhaled, used with a diffuser or diluted in a carrier oil and rubbed into the skin.

What are the benefits of aromatherapy for animals and people?

  • Essential oils are considered antiseptic, antimicrobial, detoxifying, and rejuvenating.
  • They can help with emotional issues such as anxiety and stress.
  • Aromatherapy can help with physical issues such as skin problems and pest protection.
  • How does aromatherapy for pets work?

    Just like with people, the essential oil or hydrosol is inhaled by the animal or rubbed into their skin. Their nose senses the oil and their brain processes the molecules. The animal’s body releases chemicals that can have a calming, rejuvenating or pain relief effect. After the molecules are processed, they go into the bloodstream and throughout the animal’s body.

    How are essential oils for animals administered?

  • You can select the oils for your pet.
  • You can let the animal select the oils by observing their reaction.
  • The ideal way is to muscle test to see what oils are most appropriate for either an animal or a person. This is something we teach in our workshops.
  • When the oils are selected, the animal inhales or absorbs them, depending on whether you open the bottle, mist, or combine them with a carrier oil for application.
  • What are some precautions to consider?

    There are a number of precautions but here are several to take into consideration.
  • It is best not to use essential oils directly on small animals because the oils may have a negative effect on them.
  • Some people feel that cats can’t excrete the oils through their liver properly.
  • Only professionals should administer oils orally.
  • Make sure the oils you use are therapeutic grade.
  • An alternative to essential oils is hydrosols.
  • Where can aromatherapy products be purchased?

    Some sources of products that can be used for aromatherapy for animals are:
  • We carry 3 special 4 oz spray blends for Calming, Focus and Pests. To learn more, click here to see our animal aromatherapy blends.
  • Earth Angel Oils in the US carries essential oils and diffusers. They have very unique oil cabinets created just for animals. We use their products.
  • Gritman Essential Oils in the US carries essential oils and carrier oils. We use their products.
  • Young Living Essential Oils in the US carries essential oils and diffusers.
  • Pure Essential Oils in the US carries essential oils, hydrosols, and carrier oils.
  • Prairie Land Herbs in the US carries farm fresh hydrosols. One of their products is pictured above.
  • Essential Aura in Canada carries essential oils, hyrdrosols, and carrier oils.
  • Pure Destiny in Australia carries essential oils, hydrosols, and carrier oils.
  • Esoteric Oils in South Africa carries essential and carrier oils that can also be used for animal aromatherapy.

    How can I learn more about animal aromatherapy?

  • Take an animal aromatherapy workshop with us. To learn more about the workshop and see the schedule, please click here.
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