Animal Communication Meditations

The downloadable meditations are for our animal communication students only.

  • You receive the manifestation, grounding, release and becoming animal meditations from the animal communication class/teleclass. 
  • You receive the chakra exercise in a downloadable format.
  • You also receive opening and closing exercises that are set to music. 

The meditations are downloadable and are emailed to you. All 7 meditations are available for just $20.  If you wish to purchase any meditations individually, they are $5 each.  Please contact us for the latter option.  If you are a TX resident, please choose that option below in the drop down Paypal button as it includes sales tax. 

Thank you for the wonderful meditation CD. After a busy day it is nice to escape at the touch of a button. The words and tone make you drift to another dimension for what seems like a long time but in reality is not. For the few things I take time to do for myself, this is one of my favorites. Thank you! Sheila from Texas

I would like to share my experience of meditation led by Kim Shotola,  Director of The Lightfoot Way,  performed during the Animal Communication Teleclasses.  This was my very first experience with meditation.  In the first class it was such a relaxing experience!   I was seeing things I thought were imaginary but learned to know that it was the beginning of accessing my intuition!  I thought, "so, this is what it's like to see and sense!"  It was such a special experience and the class was so exciting!  Then after the class I found some meditation exercises on the web and had a terrible experience.  I learned that "the guide" to guided meditations are most important.  The voice, pronunciation, tempo,  and the kind of energy the guide has will  truly affect the whole meditation.   Then it was the Advanced Animal Communication Class.  This time Kim's guided meditation took me to a deeper level where I believe I was starting to experience my past life regression!  I knew I had to stop and come back to join the class to complete my course but it was such a great experience that I would never forget!  I want to go back where I left off.   Thank you for the awesome experience Kim!  You're a very special guide and I believe you're meant for guiding meditation.  Brenda from Japan (purchased the meditations so she could listen to whenever she wanted to)

Animal Communication Downloadable CD