Animal Communication Special for In Spirit Animals

This special is just for our email subscribers and must be purchased by August 31, 2013.  

You can find answers to questions such as:

  • How is my animal doing?
  • Why did my animal leave right now?
  • Should I get another pet?
  • What was your purpose in my life?
  • What should I be doing in my life?
  • Will you return?
  • How will I know it is you?

Animal communication session is for one animal and 5 questions of your choice along with the final question we ask to allow the animal to tell us anything they want you to know.  This session is NOT a phone session.  We ask the questions, type up the transcript and email it to you.  Upon payment, you will be emailed the form to complete.  When the form is completed, your session will be scheduled.   This session is $75 savings off of our regularly priced session.

Sorry this special was just for the month of August 2013.