Animal Healing Testimonials

Marlie has been a once in a lifetime dog. From the moment we adopted her from Houston Lab Rescue we knew that we had been blessed with a very special animal. She had been used as a breeder in a puppy mill and, after birthing many litters, she was thrown out onto the streets. She was in terrible physical health when rescue took her from animal control, but she recovered enough that we could adopt her and continue working with her during her recovery. Unfortunately she had a major setback with a stomach perforation that nearly killed her, but it did put us on the path of true physical recovery by leading us to a wonderful holistic vet who worked with us on her diet and herbal supplements, and worked with Marlie using acupuncture to ease her pain.

After the physical issues had been resolved, I continued to worry about her emotional health. She had improved so much from initial reactions to her new home, but she was still very reserved and reticent to interact with people and other dogs. She was never fearful, but she seemed depressed and content to spend most of her time alone in her crate.

I received an email about the free healing sessions that The Lightfoot Way was offering and decided to take Marlie to the first session. The reaction from Marles was immediate. When we walked into the room she went immediately to Kim and Allison and lay down by them. As they worked with her she would vocalize, but she obviously wanted them to continue. When they finished working with her she reached around and licked Allison’s hand, making it very clear that she didn’t want to leave.

There were also emotional issues that Kim and Allison uncovered and resolved. Marlie told them that she had never had the opportunity to be a young dog; she had been a mother at such a young age that she had never had the opportunity to be a puppy. She also missed her mother very much.

The transformation was immediate. She bounced out of the session like a puppy and she has continued to make progress every day in her attitude and enthusiasm. Friends who have not seen her since before the session have been amazed at the change in her personality. She wants to play, she asks for attention, she wants to go on walks, to socialize. I continue to tell her that it is okay to act like a puppy, that she can be silly and ask for the attention that she deserves. I also, as a result of a suggestion from Kim, have told her repeatedly that this is her forever home. Rescues may feel that this is another temporary location in their lives and until they are told and reassured that they are with us forever, they may be unwilling to relax and really be themselves. I never would have thought to do this with Marlie until Kim suggested it – I thought that my actions were adequate to let her know how much she is loved.

And the only thing that is different is the time she spent with Kim and Allison at the healing session. I wanted to believe that the healing sessions could make a difference, but I was skeptical. Never could I have believed the change that would occur with just one session, nor the way it has impacted not just Marlie’s life but the lives of all of us who have come to know the true spirit that is Marlie. Cindy

We brought our 12 year old, mixed-breed dog Chloe to Kim and Allison's free animal healing session mostly out of curiosity. Chloe is a shelter dog we've had for 11 years. We have overcome many behavioral problems (shyness, nervousness, anxiety aggression toward other dogs, fear toward men) through patient training and love.

But we've never been able to completely ease Chloe's fear of thunderstorms. She had made progress from extreme nervousness to medium nervousness and stress, but if the thunderstorm came in the middle of the night her fears would get the better of her and she would try to get under our bed, always waking us up.

We shared all this with Kim and Allison, who did a little animal communication, a little EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping, a little healing touch and some applied kinesiology to help determine what the best treatment might be. They suggested on the basis of those assessments that a custom blend of Bach flower remedies would be the best bet.

I thought we might try that later, but for now, it was the middle of summer and we hadn't had rain in over 30 days, so I put it off. Sure enough, within a week we'd had three thunderstorms. I called Kim after the third one and told her I didn't know what they'd done in the session, but Chloe was much better. Only once had she exhibited a little mild concern during the storm.

Thanks to Kim and Allison for balancing out Chloe's energy and helping her weather the storm. Ange

When I adopted a large breed dog rescued from a puppy mill, I anticipated some medical issues. Within six months, this poor little guy had to fight all manner of infections, viruses and endure two surgeries. I heard about The Lightfoot Way’s holistic healing sessions and thought it certainly couldn’t hurt our situation. I had switched my pup to a raw holistic diet with some specific supplements and I was curious to see if kinesiology would yield information on that. Bruno is rambunctious and mischievous but after an initial wild greeting with Kim and Alison, he settled into a very comfortable relaxed state soliciting belly rubs. They muscle tested him to determine if the diet was appropriate at that time and I learned that it was but he no longer needed the supplements. It was extremely reassuring to know that I was finally on the right path to a healthy life for my best friend.

Kim and Alison communicated with Bruno and I was very comforted and enlightened with the insight I gained. Bruno got his favorite red plaid bed placed into his car seat and I could pass on and address the separation anxiety behavior I learned about with my trainer and pet sitter. It was a wonderful rewarding experience all around and I would not hesitate to recommend Kim or Alison as communicators and healers. They have truly enriched my pet’s life and mine. Janet

I just wanted to let you know that my cat Clio is doing so much better now. Her coat is shiny. She has regained some weight and her hair has stopped falling out so badly. She also seems happier with the extra attention. I made it to Petco with one minute to spare (to get some new food.) Thanks to you and Allison. You are so wonderful. Zahra

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