Animal Pet Loss and Grief

from July 2013 holistic newsletter

Helpful Tips

While transitioning or losing an animal is never easy, there are some simple things that may help:

·        Color therapy can help.  Light blue is peaceful and calming.  White is spiritual and helpful for transition and grief.  For your animals, you can use a towel, blanket or sheet and place it where your animal can lay on or near it.  For animals that chew, just place it where they can see it but not reach it.  You can wear those colors for yourself.

·        Energy work offers peace and comfort for both you and your animal.  Tap your collarbone with your fingers and rub your hands together.  Sitting on the floor, start 5-10 feet away and put your palms forward towards your animal.  Intend to send soothing and loving energy to your pet and that they take only the energy that they want.  If they appear relaxed, you can move closer to their body.  If they move away, then allow them to do so and offer energy from that spot.  Generally, animals that are transitioning greatly appreciate the energy from you and will become very relaxed.  Know that this loving energy will come back to you, also bringing you the peace that you need during this difficult time.

·        Bach flower essences can help both you and your animal during the time of transitioning.  They can help you and your family after your beloved animal has passed.  A custom Bach flower essence can be created just for you or your animal.  Muscle testing is used to determine which essences of the 38 remedies are best for you or your animal.  In general, Aspen helps with fear of the unknown, Mimulus helps with fear of the known, Gorse helps with hopelessness and despair, Honeysuckle helps with living in the past, and Pine helps with guilt.

·        Crystal therapy may help comfort you during transition or loss.  Rose quartz and Chrysoprase help to strengthen your heart connection and heal your heart.  While you can wear jewelry, it is just as easy and effective to get a small piece of the crystal and carry it in your pocket.

·        Homeopathy can help to provide relief from grief.  Ignatia can work wonders for both you and your people and animal family.


Go here for the beautiful newsletter that Debbie Leo has written about pet loss.  It has a number of great resources including websites and recommended books.  Please note that if you go to, you will find this is a national database.  While some of the resources listed in the newsletter are for the greater Houston area, it will give an idea of what you could look up on the internet for your area.  A growing number of vets are offering hospice care.  And if you are facing euthanasia, when possible, it is wonderful to be able to do it in the comfort of your home.  Most areas have vets that offer this loving service. 

What Your Animal Wants You to Know

These are the three major things that your animals in spirit want you to know:

·        You may have asked yourself “Did I do the right thing?”  The animals want you to know that YES, you did the right thing.  Whether you let you animal pass on their own or you assisted them in passing, you did what was best and they are grateful.  You reached inside your heart and made a decision.  It really was the right decision.  We have talked to many in spirit animals and they have never once told us their owner made the wrong decision.  So try to be at peace about your decision.  It will make them very happy if you can believe this.

·        What happens when they cross over?  Your animals want you to know YES, there is another side.  When they cross over, they will see loved ones.  When you cross over, they will greet you.  Did you know that your animals can tell you who they see on the other side?  Did you know they can tell you why they left at this time?  Did you know they can offer you spiritual guidance about your life?  You can receive very clear and beautiful messages from your animals that are in the spiritual realm.

·        Will my animal return to me?  YES, it is possible they may return to you.  Most animals want to come back to you and spend the rest of their life with you on earth.  Many animals have already been with you before.  Did you know that the animals can tell you if they are coming back, when they might return and how you will know it is them?

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Hopefully these tips, resources and information will provide you with some comfort during this difficult time.

Blessings and hugs,


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