Holistic Animal Care for Animal Professionals

As an animal professional, more than likely you have always had a love for animals. You probably had pets growing up or you realized how wonderful animals were as an adult and wanted a job or career with them. If you work for an animal related business, learning about holistic animal care can enhance your skills in your profession. If you are fortunate to have your own animal business, increasing your knowledge will allow you to offer additional services to your clients. Because all of these modalities are energy based except massage, they can be done at a distance. Because more people are seeking natural health care for themselves and their animals, more animal businesses are offering holistic services and products. Now is the time to explore how you can help your clients’ animals live happier, healthier, and longer lives.

Animal Communication
Learning how to communicate with animals can help you understand the animals you work with better. By using your intuitive abilities, you can take the general care, handling, and training of animals to a new level. You do not have to become a professional animal communicator to receive the benefits in your work but for those that want to, it is very rewarding. To learn more about animal communication, click here.

Reiki is a type of energy work that can allow you to sense in your hands discomfort or illness in an animal's body. It has the ability to relieve these conditions, along with helping animals become calm, including for procedures or training purposes. Click here to learn more about reiki.

Emotional Freedom Technique was originally created by psychotherapists to help their clients but it can have amazing results with animals. It is a technique that works on acupressure points but without the use of needles. It is not as well known as energy work such as reiki but one day will probably be a preferred choice of treatment for animals. Click here to learn more about EFT.

Muscle Testing
Also known as kinesiology, this method can help you determine what foods and products are best for an animal. Because some animals are allergic to certain foods like grains or particular meats, even all holistic foods are not right for all animals. Also, kinesiology can reveal allergies to topical products. This is such a valuable tool to have that we teach basic kinesiology in all of our full and half day workshops. Click here to learn more about muscle testing.

Bach Flower Essences
Edward Bach, a London medical doctor, realized flowers had healing properties and created the essences to help heal his clients. They are most commonly used for animals that have emotional/behavioral issues. However, because many health issues are a result of emotional blockages, they also have the ability to work on a physical level. Some holistic vets, animal communicators, and other animal professionals offer consultations. Click here to learn more about Bach flower essences.

Essential oils were originally developed for use with animals instead of people. Most people are familiar with aromatherapy and some are aware that essential oils are used in natural fly repellents, flea treatments, and wound care. Holistic vets and groomers use oils for calming. Equine massage practitioners often use oils to enhance their work. Click here to learn more about aromatherapy.

Homeopathy is often used by holistic vets to help resolve health issues. Homeopathy companies make kits for animals containing the most common remedies for pets and some animal businesses offer these kits for sale. The tiny pills are easy to administer as they dissolve and are tasteless. Some animal professionals specialize in homeopathy and offer consultations. Click here to learn more about homeopathy.

Some professionals incorporate crystal healing with their massage work. Crystal pendulums are used in energy work such as reiki. Crystal pendants can be worn by animals. Even though the use of crystals with people has been around for a very long time, it has only become more recent that pet owners are looking into them for healing. Click here to learn more about crystals.

Equine and canine massage practitioners are becoming more recognized, especially for performance horses and dogs. However, massage is not just for competition animals. Pet owners are realizing the benefits of massage for their aging animals. More holistic vets, boarding facilities, groomers, and other animal businesses are offering this service for their clients. Click here to learn more about massage.

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The Lightfoot Way offers workshops in all of these modalities. Certificates are awarded for all half and full day workshops. These workshops are designed to offer you a solid foundation whether you are a pet owner, animal professional, animal business owner, or looking to start your own practice. To see our schedule of holistic workshops, please click here.