Animal Reiki Teleclass (Energy Work)

Monday, November 7th 6-8:30pm central time
In this animal reiki teleclass (energy work), you will learn:

  • What reiki and energy work is
  • Benefits of reiki and energy work for animals
  • Possible factors affecting an animal's health
  • Energy chakras of animals (purpose, location, how to check them and determine what the results mean)
  • Basic and advanced energy techniques for animals including distance energy work (preparation, methods, duration, after a session)
  • If you were attuned to reiki, how/when to use the symbols. It is NOT necessary that you know reiki to do this energy work as everything we are teaching you, anyone can do. But for those that have learned reiki from a teacher, rarely do any instructors teach you how to properly do energy work with animals. So this class is for those who have already been trained in reiki and those who have not. This class does not offer reiki attunements. We will be working with your powerful "I AM" presence. You do NOT need to know reiki to do energy work.
  • This 2.5 hour teleclass includes the class manual, video and teleclass recording for $97. If you desire a certificate for this class, you can take the certificate exam for $97.
  • To register for this teleweb, please complete the form below. To learn how the distance learning programs work or for additional teleclasses, click here.