Animal Reiki Testimonials

The following are animal reiki testimonials from clients and students about reiki animal sessions and workshops.

Animal Reiki Testimonials (Session)
Kim recently came to our house to do reiki sessions on us (her and her mother) and our two cats. I knew we were in good hands when my "scaredy-cat" came out to investigate shortly after Kim arrived. Usually, he disappears any time there is someone new in the house. The same cat jumped on the reiki table shortly after Kim started doing reiki on me, laid down on my legs, and stayed there purring loudly through the rest of my 1 hour session. This was completely out of character for him: he is afraid of strangers, prefers to lay next to me or near me rather than on me, and rarely stays in one place for that long. I am convinced he felt the reiki energy as something positive and inviting and he wanted to be close to it. During my reiki session, I could feel my hip and stomach areas getting very warm as Kim passed over them. Kim said those were areas that were absorbing a lot of energy. I came out of the session feeling very relaxed and rested. Kim is such a warm and generous person! We learned so much from her and really felt the deep love and care she has for animals. We've signed up for her class on reiki for animals. I'm looking forward to it!
Cindy from Houston, Texas

Animal Reiki Testimonials (Session)
I wanted to thank you for working with our 12 year old dog, Pepper. Prior to his treatments, he had been limping for over 3 weeks due to a strained ligament. He had difficulty standing up and lying down and couldn't walk very well. His condition improved immediately with the massage and reiki treatments you had given him. He isn't limping as severely as before and he can get up and down with a lot more ease. He even runs around our house and yard, something he hasn't done in a while. The reiki and massage techniques you taught us seem to help quite a bit, too. He really enjoys the daily treatments we give him. There is a sense of peace and calm that surrounds him during his treatments. Amazingly, afterwards he has the energy of a puppy. What a huge change! We are so grateful to you and are very pleased with Pepper's progress and speedy recovery from his injury. Thank you for all you have done for our little boy.
Mike and Deb from Houston, Texas

Animal Reiki Testimonials (Session & Workshop)
My cat (Squirrel) was affected by the pet food recall. I was desperate to find every way to help him that I could. My husband an I took him to the Vet and he was put on 150 cc of Sub-Q fluids a day. I felt like this wasn't enough and had to do more to help him. That is when I came across Kim's web site. I had always heard of Reiki but had never experienced it myself. I called Kim on a Monday and she was able to fit me in that day. When she arrived at my house Squirrel ran under the bed as he usually does when strangers come over. Kim worked on Squirrel for an hour while he was under the bed. He didn't try to run out of the room but sat under the bed and began to get sleepy. After the session was over when I was walking Kim out, to my amazement Squirrel came out to give Kim some love rubbing up against her and between her feet as if saying thank you to her. This was not common AT ALL for Squirrel to do to a stranger. I was so pleased to see this and thought to myself this was conformation that Squirrel enjoyed what he had felt during the session. I scheduled a second session with Kim about two weeks later. This time Kim and I sat on the floor so we could both offer Squirrel Reiki and again to my amazement he came right over to love Kim once again and sniffed both of our hands. He slowly inched himself away from us as if to see where he was comfortable receiving the energy. During the session Squirrel fell asleep. When he woke he surprised me one more time. He drank water! Now I told you in the beginning that Squirrel is on fluids and being that he is on so much fluid he hasn't drank any water at all that I have seen before that day. Once again it was conformation for me that the session worked and that he was feeling the side effect of being a little thirsty. Since that session I've taken Kim's Reiki-I class (which I really enjoyed and was amazed at how much I could feel in my hands) I now offer Squirrel Reiki when ever I feel he needs it. He is still on his fluids and seems to be doing a lot better (thank god). I can't help but think that Kim and the Reiki helped him, considering the fact that I really saw him react to the sessions. Thanks Kim!
Squirrel's Mommy, Nancy from Pearland, Texas

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Animal Reiki Testimonials (Workshop)
Kim, I just got back from another horse show. I left the day after you came, so I have been on a real run. I am very excited about the reiki. You told me about the positive force reiki has. Would you believe I had all positive thoughts and won almost all my classes and Woody was so tired? I kept telling him to just hang in there and do the best he could. We even had a little fun the last day and ran poles and barrels as sore as he was and he was unbelievable! We won a nice new silver show saddle. Not bad for a 21 year old horse. He was so sore, I could feel the arthritis through my hand just like you said, and tried to work on him some. I am looking forward to studying reiki and learning alot more. I feel it has definitely helped me.
Pam from Magnolia, Texas

Animal Reiki Testimonials (Workshop)
I really enjoy attending Kim's small one-day workshops. She is able to pack alot of information into one day, plus there is plenty of time for personal attention and exercises. Since taking this class, I have tried reiki on myself, some animals, and my husband. He said he could feel me working on his shoulder and could also feel tingling combing through his body! I definitely recommend this workshop and look forward to taking reiki II from Kim.
Renee from San Antonio, Texas

Animal Reiki Testimonials (Workshop)
I have 2 children adopted from Russia. My oldest child has a background of neglect and trauma. In my research on child trauma, I read that reiki is an excellent way to help calm the brainstem of a child who has experienced trauma as well as help the child to heal emotionally. This is why I wanted to learn how to provide reiki to a person. I took Kim's reiki I workshop and it was awesome! Kim is very passionate about her work and is an excellent teacher. I really liked that we learned to do reiki on both people and animals. I highly recommend this class and look forward to taking the reiki II class. Since starting the reiki sessions onmy oldest child, I am now seeing a calmer and more gentle child (especially in regards to sibling issues). School has always been an area of high stress for this child. When we do morning drop-off, I ask if he wants a reiki ball and he always responds YES! He understands and feels how the reiki helps him to relax. I know we have more healing to do, but I feel confident that we are on the right path.
Tammy from Houston, Texas

Animal Reiki Testimonials (Workshop)
The reiki workshop gave me a basic introduction to the premise and practice of reiki. Kim covered just enough of each to give us a broad background and understanding of how to practice some basic reiki techniques without overwhelming us with more than we can handle. This was the first holistic workshop I have ever attended and I was a bit unsure what to expect. Kim's friendliness and openness, along with the other students in the class, made for an extremely relaxing and rewarding experience.
Irene from Houston, Texas

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