Animals Have Messages for You

Continued from the September 2011 holistic email newsletter

Animals indeed have messages for you. They are here to guide and teach you. First, let’s look at the animals that are part of your daily lives. Some animals are only part of our lives for a very short time. But did you know that some animals have probably been with you before in this life? Yes, that is correct. If they are a dog now, they probably were a dog before, but it is possible they were a cat for instance. Do you believe in past lives? For some people, this is a stretch. But I can tell you, we all have past lives, including animals. And yes, some of the animals in your life today have also been with you in a past life. Animals have given me information about previous animals they were in this life or another life. Owners have been able to confirm with me for instance, a dog they used to have from childhood that matches the description. Or maybe the owner has knowledge of a past life and the animal has the same knowledge. Many animals have started their journey with you and want to continue that same journey with you. They have made a promise to stay by your side and help guide you. And they intend to keep this promise, for however long it takes, for animals have messages for you.

So when a beloved animal passes away, of course it is natural to mourn their loss. But if you knew that this was probably just one of the lives you have had with them and your journey together is not yet over, how would that make you feel? I communicate with a lot of animals that are in spirit. I can tell you that most of them are coming back to their owners. I can tell you that they give me an approximate time frame they are returning along with some kind of description so that the owner will know it is them. This is a beautiful and sacred feeling knowing how connected you truly are to your animal. And animals have messages for their owners that can be quite profound and make an impact in their lives.

And what about the wild animals? Yes, these animals have messages for you, too. Most people do not realize this. If a wild animal appears to you that you would rarely see, this can be a message. For instance, you are driving to work and you see a hawk or an owl and you normally do not see them. Look this up. Or if an animal you more commonly see appears to you multiple times, this could also be a message. Like you may occasionally see wasps or spiders in your house but if they show up in your restroom three days in a row, this could be a message. Or maybe the animal appears in an unusual place, like right next to your bed, and this has not happened before. Look this up. If an animal hits your vehicle, this could also be a message. As tragic as it is, some incredible messages come from the animals that darted in front of your vehicle or crashed into your windshield. They have given their lives in hopes that you would receive their message. Yes, look this up. All you have to do is do an internet search for the animal like “hawk animal totem”. You will pull up different websites. My favorite is Read what the description says and you are sure to realize that animals have messages for you. Do this and you will never look at wild animals the same again.

So you will see that animals have messages for us our entire lives. They are showing them to us by their actions and if you could understand them through animal communication, you would also see that they had special messages for you. They can help guide you on your path in life. Yes, they provide spiritual guidance. Believe me, your animals know when you are not happy at work, they know when you are sad, they know when you should be doing something else with your life, they know when you need to work on your health, they know when you need to learn to relax, they know when you are sick. They have incredible insight and wisdom. And yes, they will teach and guide you if you will listen.

So now that you realize animals have messages for you, what can you do to improve your relationship with them and understand them more?

  • Acknowledge that you realize WHO they really are – your teacher, your guide, your friend. Even if they are there just for a day - or a lifetime.
  • Have faith and believe in the power of their being and your relationship with them.
  • Do what you can to deepen your bond with them – spend more time with them, talk to them, learn to understand them. How do you learn to understand them? You learn how to communicate with them. Learning from a book is a challenge. I suggest you take a hands on workshop to do this if you can. Second choice would be some kind of distance learning program.
  • Follow the tips listed in the newsletter.
  • Click here to find out more about the free teleclass I’m doing with the Animal Communicator Forum on October 19th. I also wrote a special article to go along with this teleclass. Click here for Let the Animals Teach You, Animals have messages for you and yes, it is different than this article. It focuses on examining behavioral and health issues in your pets and the messages behind them. This is a real eye opener, too, as it ties in with the messages they have for YOU.

    I do hope this helps you to realize in a profound way, that animals have messages for you.


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