Animal Spirit Guides

What are animal spirit guides?

Animal guides are also called animal totems. They are animals that help to guide us in life. There are always animal spirit guides with us, but just like with angels, some of the guides are here for a brief moment to give us a message, and some are with us for life.

How do you know what the messages are from the animals?

Anyone can learn to hear messages from animals. We teach that in our animal communication classes. But many people think of just our "pets" helping to guide us. Our animals are definitely here to guide us, but so are the wild animals, whether it is a hawk, lion, elephant, snake or bee. Most people do not realize that if an animal appears multiple times in a row to you, like you see a wasp in your restroom for 3 days in a row and you don't normally have bees visit your restroom, that this is a wasp that has appeared to you with a special message. You can look that message up by doing an internet search for wasp animal totem. Or it could be an unsual situation like a hawk swoops down in the road in front of you while you are driving - and that had never happened before. Look up hawk animal totem.

How can an animal guide help you?

Animal guides are here to help you. Just like the native Americans realize how valuable the animals are in our lives, you should, too. Just ask for them to guide you in your life and they will. But the key is keeping your eyes open and understanding that things happen for a reason. They can provide incredible insights that will help to guide you on your path in life.

How can I learn more about animal guides?

  • Take an animal communication workshop. We discuss animal spirit guides in our communication workshops.
  • There are many books available on animal guides such as Animal Speak Ted Andrews.
  • Consider having a spiritual guidance consultation with Kim. She can let you know what animal guides you have in your life right now and their message for you. Click here to find out more.

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