Aromatherapy for Animals

Continued from the June 2015 holistic email newsletter

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has the ability to improve the body, mind and spirit of both people and animals.
  • Essential oils can help with emotional issues such as anxiety, aggression, fear, nervousness, grief, stress, and those that are hormone related.
  • The oils can help with physical issues such as skin conditions, joints, discomfort, digestion, circulation, respiratory conditions.
  • Aromatherapy is great with pesky pests such as fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitoes.
  • Aromatherapy Precautions

    As with any holistic method, it is not a replacement for proper veterinary or medical care. While aromatherapy can be wonderful, there are some factors and precautions to consider.
  • Aromatherapy works best if it is helping the cause of the issue, not just working on the “surface.” Otherwise it will just be a temporary fix.
  • Essential oils should always be therapeutic grade.
  • Certain oils are sensitive to light or are known to cause skin sensitivities while others should not be used when pregnant or on medication or homeopathy.
  • Certain oils should not be used with competition animals where they are tested for illegal substances as some oils can have positive response.
  • Some oils should never be used on animals at all.
  • Most oils should only be offered in water or with a carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil, and not applied directly to the animal from the bottle.
  • In addition to precautions, it is also important to know that some people and animals are sensitive to aromatherapy.

  • It is best not to use essential oils directly on birds, small animals, small dogs, or cats because their bodies may be unable to handle them. Using oils directly on these animals may cause them to be ill or possibly fatal. Yes, you can overdo it!
  • When it comes to essential oils, you should push aside the thought “one size fits all”. When oils are applied to the skin, you might see skin reactions on both people and animals. Some aromatherapists will tell you it is just a “cleansing” process, but just like with putting chemicals on the body, people and animals can have reactions to essential oils as if they were a chemical – some bodies can handle chemicals and others can not.
  • Essential oils are very strong, just like herbs. When you want to use a natural product that is very strong, you need to use caution.
  • An alternative to aromatherapy is hydrosols, a by-product of essential oils that are created from the water that is left after producing the essential oil through water distillation or steam. This can be something to consider for those sensitive to essential oils.
  • Administering Aromatherapy

    If you want success, keep these tips in mind:
  • Muscle testing can be used to find out if a person or animal would benefit from oils in the first place. Perhaps they will be sensitive to it and it should not be used. Or perhaps there is another holistic method that will help them better. Or perhaps oils is just what they need. If you do not know how to do muscle testing, we have an instructional ebook with photos for people and animals.
  • If they muscle test strong that oils should be used, you can then muscle test to find out which oils. Many companies that sell aromatherapy products will have general information regarding the applications of particular oils. Generally, you can offer 3-5 essential oils at one time. Then when you find out what oils, you need to find out how many drops of each oil are needed. Again, muscle testing can help you to determine this.
  • Using oils in a spray bottle and spraying them in an area is different than applying directly on a person or animal. You can muscle test to find out which method is best as the method of administration is also very important – opening a bottle up so they can smell, spraying the oils, creating a blend in a bottle or using a diffuser.
  • Essential Oils to Consider

    Some commonly used essential oils are:
  • Lavender has a calming effect and can help with joint conditions, respiratory problems, and skin conditions.
  • Lemongrass can help with ligament and joint injuries and is used as an insect and flea repellant.
  • For itching, consider lavender, geranium, peppermint, carrot seed or Roman chamomile.
  • In addition to lemongrass, consider using eucalyptus, citronella, cedarwood, neem, and rosemary to battle pests.
  • Ginger is great for motion sickness.
  • The best way to figure out what will work for yourself or your animals is to muscle test. I create my own blends and use a pest repellant blend with my family and animals more than any other blend. As pests become more accustomed to certain oil mixtures, I muscle test and figure out what to do next. So the blend changes over time – the oils and the amount of drops. That is why muscle testing is such a key to aromatherapy. Believe me, it changes how you think about doing things in your life for yourself, your loved ones and animals.

  • If you want to explore aromatherapy, start with some commonly used single oils along with some blends that fit your needs. And you guessed it - you can always muscle test to find out what oils are best to get you started!
  • Earth Angel Oils has great blends including an aromatherapy cabinet created for animals, along with some other neat cabinets such as spiritual awakening, hormonal, cellular, energy healing, meridians, regeneration, brain/memory, creativity, emergency and even cooking.
  • Gritman Oils also has great products and neat blends including for moms, babies and men. The amazing Gritman Guide to Essential Oils has all the healing properties of over 300 essential oils, fixed oils, and macerations. And Lou makes the most incredible soap. We use products from both of these companies.
  • With precautions, essential oils can be very beneficial. See our blends we have created or consider making your own. Just remember to muscle test for our oils or ones you select yourself. That is the best way - the safe way - to use oils.

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