Canine Massage Testimonials

The following are canine massage testimonials from my clients and students.

Kim Shotola is amazing! I have had her use her wonderful massage on my two dogs to loosen them up. The dog’s chiropractor is especially pleased when Kim massages them just prior to a chiropractic treatment as this loosens the muscles and helps the treatment last longer. I have also had Kim do a “communication” with one of my dogs. This was both delightful and enlightening! The comments made by my dog were right on target with what we knew about him, especially his feelings about each of our other animals! Her additional input on things she felt like she was picking up from him, such as areas of discomfort, were also most helpful. Kim’s work is fantastic and I recommend her highly!
Crista Meyer, Co-Owner/Head Trainer of Urban Tails in Houston, Texas

I wanted to thank you for helping with our 12 year old dog, Pepper. He had been limping for over 3 weeks due to a strained ligament. He had difficulty standing up and lying down and couldn't walk very well. The massage and reiki techniques you taught us seem to help quite a bit. He really enjoys the daily treatments we give him. He isn't limping as severely as before and he can get up and down with a lot more ease. He even runs around our house and yard, something he hasn't done in a while. There is a sense of peace and calm that surrounds him during his treatments. Amazingly, afterwards he has the energy of a puppy. What a huge change! We are so grateful to you and are very pleased with Pepper's progress and speedy recovery from his injury. Thank you for all you have done for our little boy.
Mike and Deb from Houston, Texas

The class I took from Kim was very easy to understand, fun, and packed with knowledge! She really knows her "stuff"! I am a licensed massage therapist here in Houston. Before I got into massage I was in the animal care field for years. After getting my massage license, I have naturally gravitated toward massaging animals! I found out about Kim's class and jumped on the opportunity! I am glad I did! I now can add canine massage to my list of services with confidence! I am also looking forward to learning Reiki for both people and animals with her as well. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning this valuable art!
Jennifer Hardy, LMT of Omni Massage in Houston, Texas

I had a lesson with Kim on canine massage. It was a great experience. What made the lesson great was that Kim reviewed fundamentals with me, then she showed me how each technique felt on my arm or back. She made sure I understood by letting me do the techniques, first on her, and then on her dog. By the time I performed massage on my dog, I had great confidence that I was doing it right and that he was really enjoying it. This is the best method of teaching I can think of. I highly recommend a class with Kim for every dog lover - you and your dog will enjoy the experiences.
Sharon from Webster, Texas

If the canine massage testimonials have you interested in a canine massage session or workshop, please click here.
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