The Lightfoot Way Holistic Care Consultant Code of Ethics

As a certified Lightfoot Way Holistic Care Consultant (LWHCC), I represent The Lightfoot Way and agree to abide by the following professional standards:

1. I believe that every living being has a conscious, is connected to everything in the universe, and should be treated with respect and compassion, without judgement.

2. I understand that I am not a veterinarian or doctor and holistic animal care is never a replacement for proper veterinary or medical care.

3. If a person or animal is ill or injured and not under medical/veterinary care (which means the illness or injury has not been properly diagnosed by a doctor/veterinarian), I will recommend to the caregiver that they seek proper medical/veterinary attention.

4. The primary role of an LWHCC is to assist people and animals on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level, which can result in also helping on a physical level. I do not medically diagnose but the information I receive from the person or animal can be helpful to doctors or veterinarians.

5. I support my clients and the animals in their care through education, problem resolution, and helping to strengthen their bond all with the goal to achieve wellness and balance.

6. As a LWHCC, I work with honesty and integrity and will refer my clients to other professionals when the situation arises.

7. I will provide assistance to animals only when requested by their caregiver, unless an animal is in immediate danger.

8. I will honor client confidentiality.

9. I will continue with my spiritual and educational journey in order to provide the best possible services to my clients. I agree to earning 32 continuing education credits (32 hours) applicable to my holistic services every 5 years for a certification renewal fee of $50.

10. I acknowledge that the people and animals I encounter on my pathway are part of my journey and I can also learn from them.

11. If I offer other methods to clients that are not part of The Lightfoot Way program, I will not represent them as part of The Lightfoot Way.

12. A LWHCC is an independent consultant. I understand that insurance is recommended but not provided by The Lightfoot Way. The Lightfoot Way, Kim Shotola, Allison Culver and all representatives are not responsible for any services that you provide.

13. As a LWHCC, I will work for the highest good, from a state of gratitude, empowering people and animals, heart and soul.