What Your Critical Care Animal Wants & Needs

(From the June 2012 holistic animal care issue)

Helping all animals is such an honor and privilege to me, but those with critical care needs really touch my heart and soul. Having had critical care animals myself, I know what you are going through. So know that you are not alone. So what is your first step? Simply come up with a list of questions of everything you want to know. Really think about it and write them down.

When it comes to making your animal comfortable, you can muscle test to find out what can help them such as what color will help them on a physical, emotional or spiritual level and what methods will help them such as energy work, flower essences, aromatherapy, crystals, massage, etc. Determining what is best for them is the KEY to giving them the BEST quality of life they can have. If you do not know how to muscle test, we teach classes and also offer a muscle testing instructional ebook with photos so you can learn how to do this from the comfort of your home. If you want help we are glad to help you. We offer

How do you find out answers to the heartfetl questions you have written down? While muscle testing can tell you color, methods, nutrition and product information, talking with your animal is the BEST way to find out what is really on their mind.

  • For instance, when you ask them what they want to make them comfortable, they may tell you they want a new bed and what it looks like.
  • They can tell you they want to be massaged or perhaps they want less touching, as it is making them uncomfortable.
  • It's possible their taste buds or appetite is off so let them tell you what they feel like eating - maybe they would like fish instead of the beef they normally get.
  • Did you realize they do have an idea of how much longer they will be with you? They usually want you to be prepared and realize you are ready to hear this and will tell you fairly accurately. Rarely will they tell you a time further out but if they do, it is because that is what they think is best for you to hear in that moment.
  • And knowing when they are ready is SO important. HOW will you know they are ready? Well, they can tell you. They might say they will refuse to get up or will stop eating. Others may say they will try to pass when you are not around. They will try to do what they think is best for themselves but also you.

EVERYONE is capable of talking to animals. You all have this ability inside of yourself. Most people just don't realize this. Some have never heard of it before. But this is NOT something that takes years to learn how to do. It is something that can be learned in just ONE day.

Some steps to get you in the right mindset are:

If you do not know how to quiet your mind, then you want to learn how, especially if your mind races with tons of thoughts all of the time. Consider taking a meditation, yoga, tai chi or qigong class. If you want to jumpstart your energetic connection with animals, you can take a Shamballa, reiki or other energy work type of class.

  • Meditate with your animal present. Find a quiet place in your home or yard.
  • Open your heart up and believe in yourself.
  • Connect your heart to your animal's heart.
  • Send love and light to your animal. Feel/sense their energy.
  • Think of a question to ask your animal. Close your eyes and ask your question. Try to make it a question you do not know the answer to, like what is their favorite color.
  • You may get words, images, feelings or emotions. If you do, then great. You are receiving communication. If you do not, do not worry. Most people will not SIMPLY because they doubt themselves. It is human nature to doubt ourselves. You just need more time and most likely more guidance.
  • Do NOT give up. Understand that MOST people need the guidance that is found from a person they can interact with or in a group situation.

Trying to awaken this ability by reading a book on animal communication is hard for most people because you do not have the support you need. Find someone to teach you. Most people do best in a hands on class. We teach animal communication classes (YES you learn in one day how to communicate with animals) in the greater Houston area and we will also travel to teach. For those that do not have classes offered near them, we are working on our distance learning program which will include animal communication.Know that you can learn how to talk to your own animals, you just probably will benefit more from a class where you have the support you need.

If you have no desire to learn how to or you want answers sooner than later, we would be honored to help you find out these answers. We do offer animal communication consultations and we've helped people from all over get to know their animals more deeply.

If you truly want to know what your critical care animal wants and needs, you will want to explore animal communication and muscle testing.



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