Crystal Healing for Animals & People

What is crystal healing for animals and people?

Crystal healing for animals is a newer healing modality for animal caregivers. The use of crystals dates back to at least 25,000 BC. Today, the medicine men or shamans of the American Indians, Aborigines, and Bushmen still use stones and crystals. It is well known that quartz crystals have been used in watches for many years.

What are the benefits of crystal healing for animals and people?

All crystals having healing properties that can help people and animals. Crystals and stones can help heal on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level such as:
  • Respiratory, circulatory, and digestive conditions
  • Anxiety, fear, and aggression
  • Wounds, inflammation, and arthritis
  • Hormonal and compulsive behavioral issues
  • What are some ways to offer crystal healing to animals and people?

  • Near the animal or person's sleeping area
  • Smooth crystals can be rubbed on the animal or person
  • Crystal pendulums can be used to check the chakras in an animal or person's body to see if they are in balance
  • Worn as a pendant on the animal’s collar or halter or as a necklace on a person.
  • Angel is wearing a color pouch on her collar filled with crystal beads in the above photo.
  • How may pets react to crystals?

  • You may see positive signs such as licking, chewing or improvement in the animal’s health.
  • If the animal does not want to lay near the crystal or does not want you to put a pendant on their collar or halter, then the energy may be too much for them.
  • The best way to tell what crystals are right for your animal and if they need them at that time is by muscle testing.
  • Testimonial
    I am so happy and excited that I discover "The Lightfoot Way" for my dog Nikki that I just have to share my experience with others. Nikki is a rescue dog that I saved without knowing any of her past history. She had many social problems like not being properly socialized with dogs or people, lunging at other dogs, barking very angrily at them etc. Even though I have much patience with her I felt I needed help with a different view. After reading about muscle testing on The Light Foot website, I decided to give it a try. Having contacting Kim and answering questions about Nikki, she did a muscle test and recommended that Nikki get a crystal pouch and color therapy with great detail... so she did.

    I couldn't believe her transformation after I put the crystal pouch on her! When I 1st put the pouch on Nikki....came home from work she seemed more relaxed and calm . not sure if its the right words but there was a difference in her as the day went on....almost like she was saying to me "this is getting much better !" My mother even called me to say that she seemed different and I didn't tell her what I was doing for that reason. I took the pouch off her when the 2 weeks were up. The difference I see in her - We go hiking every Sun morning with other dogs. Although she still gets excited around them, she is not as bad as in the past and she calms down more quickly. Last Sunday I let her off leash with the other dogs for the 1st time since we started and she did fine. Other big dogs would come up beside her and she didn't react aggressively. A big test was when I took all 3 of my dogs to the dog park. As other dogs were coming in at 1st I kept her on leash because of how she was in the past, then I would let her off leash. She would run up to the dog if the dog didn't come to her, bark a little but nothing like in the past and again would calm down more quickly and do the doggie things, sniff etc. Even now when I walk her in my neighborhood, they are saying how much better she has gotten! I think between the power of the crystals, me constantly talking to her and taking her whenever I can to be around other people and dogs there is improvement. As I mentioned before, I wanted to help her and dedicate myself to her this summer. Although she is not 100% over of her past, she is definitely 100% better then before. Thanks to the expertise of Kim and the holistic approach she uses, I will always recommend "The Lightfoot Way". Sincerely,
    Phyllis S.

    How can I learn more about crystal healing for animals and people?

  • You can take a crystal healing for animals workshop with us. To learn more about the workshops and see the crystal healing for animals and people workshop schedule, click here.
  • To have a custom crystal pouch created for your animal or to order a custom crystal pendulum, please click here.
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