Crystal Healing for Pets &
How to Avoid Mistakes When Using Them

Let’s talk about some simple ways to use crystals on your pets and how to avoid mistakes.

When to Use Crystals

Keep in mind again that one size does not fit all animals.  In other words, even if it worked for one animal or a situation, doesn’t mean it is right for the next animal or situation.  Because crystals have such powerful energy, they may be too much for some animals.  In fact, most animals we have encountered do not end up using crystals to help them.  It is probably because most of our clients and students have animals that were rescued.  Many of those animals have deep emotional issues that need a more gentle approach than the energy that comes from crystals.  But yes, there are some animals where crystals are exactly what they needed.  And we have found that often if the owner asked us if crystals would help their animal, they felt that connection to the crystals and they were right about using crystal therapy. 

So you should first determine if crystals should be used on your animal at all.  The best way to determine that is to muscle test, also called kinesiology and energy testing.  If you go forward with using crystals and they were not meant for your animal, you may find that the crystal breaks because it was not supposed to be used.  Or worse, you may see a negative reaction in your pet’s behavior.

How to Use the Crystals

It’s important to keep things simple when you are learning to use crystals.  Here are several suggestions on how to use the crystals:

·       Get large enough crystals that your animal cannot ingest them and place them on the ground.  That way they can go near it, rub it or even lay on it if they want to.  Keep in mind rough edges.  If you use smaller crystals, you need to observe them with your pet so they don’t ingest them.

·       Place a small number of small polished crystals or beads (generally no more than 7) in a pouch that you can put on the collar or halter.  You can learn more about crystal pouches here. 

·       Take a photo of your animal and place the crystals on the photo.  This is ideal if you don’t want to use the above two methods.  You also then don’t have to worry about the activity of your pet since they are not in direct contact with the crystals.  Remember crystals can help because they are energy.  Energy does not require direct physical contact with your pet.  A photo of your animal represents their energy.  You placing the crystals on the photo represents your love for your pet and your intention to help them.

How do you know what method is best?  Yes, you muscle test.  After all, don’t you want to find the best way to offer the crystals to your pet?  One way will be more effective than the others.  It may also be the more gentler method.  Remember direct contact versus indirect contact.  The ideal method for your pet will muscle test as the best.

Which Crystals to Use on Your Pets

Once you have determined that crystals are right for your animal AND the proper method, you then need to determine which are the right crystals to use.  Again, the best way to figure this out is through muscle testing.  There are so many crystals available but here are some suggestions:

·       Fluorite and Howlite may help bones and teeth

·       Citrine and Jade may help kidney issues

·       Bloodstone and Hematite may help blood disorders

·       Moonstone and Tiger’s Eye may help digestive conditions

·       Carnelian and Pink Zebra Jasper may help with depression

·       Amethyst and Sodalite may help with calming

·       Rose Quartz and Red Jasper may help with aggression

·       Kyanite and Unakite may help release emotional blockages

Proper Duration for Crystal Use on Your Animals

Once you have determined the proper method AND which crystals, you need to determine how long they should be offered to your pet.  It may seem like no big deal.  But keep crystals on or around your pet too long and they may break.  Or worse, your pet make start to exhibit negative or odd behavior.  Then you will think what on earth did I do wrong.  Crystals may be used for a day or several weeks or longer.  The ideal way to know how long?  Yes, it’s muscle testing.  If you do not know how to muscle test, we do offer an instructional 31 page ebook with photos that teaches you how to do muscle testing on both people and animals. 

Crystals pack power in small packages.  And because they are so powerful, you need to use crystal therapy properly with your pets.  Remember animals are extremely sensitive to energy, much more than us.  But if you have a fondness for crystals like we do, then most likely at some point, you will find one of your pets could benefit from their healing energy.