Crystals for Animals & People

Crystals for animals and people are available. Your pet does not need to be present to determine the right crystals since muscle testing is used. Only a photo of your animal is needed. The crystal pouches come in 2 sizes and 6 colors and the color for your pet is muscle tested. The pouches can fit on collars and halters. The crystals are then muscle tested to see what crystals are needed for your pet. Some people have used the pouches with crystals on themselves. The pouches were custom designed to fit crystal beads in them and are $30 for the pouch and crystals. The pouches can be purchased separately for $10 each. Multiple pouches are offered at a discount. If you attend a crystals for animals workshop, you can purchase the crystals and pouches.

We also enjoy creating crystal pendulums that are used in energy work such as reiki to help check that the chakras are in balance for people and animals. This one is all rose quartz. Amethyst, clear quartz, aventurine, and tiger eye are also available. They come in a lovely silver jewelry pouch with instructions for cleansing them. They are $20 each. We can also muscle test and create a custom pendulum for you for $25. White sage is a wonderful method for cleansing and also available for $9.

If you would like to order a custom crystal pouch or crystal pendulum, please complete the order form.