Dog Dancing

What is Dog Dancing?

Dog dancing is choreographed heel work and “tricks” done as a handler/dog team to music that matches your dog’s personality. Your dog is the spotlight in this one, folks! So, no, YOU don’t have to know how to dance – you will train your dog to do the fancy foot work!

What are the benefits of dancing with your dog?

  • A fun activity to do with your dog that will enhance your bond and illustrate the joyful relationship between you and your dog.
  • Dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds and most importantly all mutts have enjoyed this sport with a big bounce in their step!! Any size, age or type of dog can do this.
  • Learn how to use the discipline and the drive your dog already has to move with you to music – it can be breath taking to watch such a dog and his handler move as a team performing choreographed routines to music!
  • For behavioral issues such as nervousness or hyperactivity, dancing can help your pet relax, focus and reduce their stress and anxiety.
  • Doggie dancing can be done indoors – great for rainy days. Brain work is always more exhausting than physical activity.
  • Already participating in agility, rally, flyball or dock dogs? Freestyle also enhances the drive and grace of an already athletically trained dog – like football players that take ballet.
  • How is Dog Dancing learned?

  • The purpose of dancing with your dog is to have FUN with your dog and keep it positive.
  • Dancing involves learning the principles of basic freestyle movement.
  • Understanding choreography, how to put moves together with music, is a fun part of dancing.
  • You will get to know your dog better to see what “tricks” or moves are right for them.
  • Focus and shaping exercises help teach your dog to think.
  • Teaching your dog to heel is an important part of your teamwork.
  • Clicker training keeps your dog interested and keeps it fun.
  • How can I learn more about Doggie Dancing?

    Allison has been dancing and doing yoga with her dogs for years, enriching her life with her animals. Look online for a canine freestyle class near you or if you are in the Houston area, you can contact her teacher, Emily, at Head Over Tails Training here.

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