Dog Yoga

What is dog yoga?

Dog yoga is a journey to explore the body, mind and spirit of you and your “dogi” together through yoga. It is about creating a bond between you and your dog! It is an opportunity to connect in a new way. Dogis accept themselves exactly as they are in each moment. This is their life lesson to us. Dogs do yoga everyday when they are jumping, chasing, walking, digging, socializing, retrieving…. it is a way of life for a dog, not something separate from life.

What are the benefits of doing yoga with your dog?

  • Spend quiet time relaxing and meditating with your dogi.
  • Raise your energy level and heighten your third eye activity through breathing.
  • Prana means energy of life or breath so yoga begins with breathing.
  • Learn yoga positions you can do anywhere or anytime with or without your dog.
  • No equipment is necessary – Dogi Yoga can be done in a small, quiet space.
  • Doing yoga with your dog truly calms and releases anxieties and can be beneficial for some dogs with emotional issues.
  • You can keep your chakras (energy centers in your body) balanced doing yoga.
  • How is dogi yoga learned?

  • Dogis and their owners learn basic yoga positions and some specialized positions that are done simultaneously with one another. You can practice yoga positions anytime, anywhere, with your dog forever.
  • Performing meditations of unconditional love through movement and prana (breath) help to build a bond of body, mind and spirit.
  • Learning how to relax and empty your mind helps you and your dogi to achieve a oneness.
  • How can I learn more about Dogi Yoga?

  • Allison has created a great instructional ebook. This dog yoga ebook, Dogie Yoga with The Lightfoot Way, is a guided manual for doing yoga with your dog anywhere, anytime - a beautiful bonding experience! Yoga can help you become one with your dog. It is extremely calming for both of you - and fun. It is especially helpful for dogs with behavioral challenges. Consider yoga to bring peace and calm to you and your canine friend. Do it in the comfort of your own home or when you travel with your dog. It can be done anywhere. This dog yoga ebook is a full color book with photos explaining stretching, posing and closing techniques for a great yoga session. Learn how to do over 23 poses and how to get your dog to get into the pose with you. Click here to purchase the dog yoga ebook.
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