Tap Away Issues with EFT

Continued from the February 2012 holistic email newsletter

EFT can help reduce or resolve issues for people and animals such as anxiety, aggression, depression, known and unknown fears, pain, health issues, relationship problems, training issues, trauma, neglect and abuse. Keep in mind that some issues people may not recall what happened to them, especially from childhood. If you adopted or rescued an animal, you will not have all of the details of what happened in their life prior to when you brought them into your life. And yes, it is possible that a person or animal can have past life issues that are affecting things. Because EFT involves talking about the issue and the respective feelings to release emotional blockages while tapping is being done, it is helpful to have as much information as possible. You can certainly speculate as to what may have happened and incorporate that into your phrases. But another option it to get the help of a psychic or an animal communicator. Often they can shed light on a situation, which can make the EFT session even more powerful.

It is wonderful that anyone can learn how to do EFT, including a child. If you want to do EFT for yourself, you can tap on the points on your own body or someone else can tap on the points on your body. You can also tap on a doll to represent yourself. When doing it for an animal, there are several different ways it can be done.

  • You can tap on the animal directly.
  • You can just hold the points on the animal instead of tapping.
  • You can tap on yourself as if you were the animal.
  • You can tap on a stuffed animal as if it was the animal, such as the EFT bears with crystal acupressure points that we sell. It can be used for both people and animals.
  • While EFT is wonderful, for some people and animals, EFT may not be the best course of action. It is possible that EFT can be too much energy for them. Sometimes a more gentler form of healing is better, especially with animals, such as Shamballa, or Reiki, or flower essences. How do you know this? You muscle test of course! While your goal is to heal using holistic methods, why would you not want to offer what is best for an individual person or animal? You should not take the approach that every holistic modality can help every person and animal or that one way is the best way. The reason we have so much success is because we muscle test to find out what holistic methods are best for that individual. We want them to have as positive an experience as possible and some times that means being able to release emotions in the most gentle manner.

    If EFT tests strong as the best way to help, we also muscle test to find out in what manner to offer it to that animal. And often it is the owner tapping on themselves for their animal. And why is this? It can be because the animal will not do well with the tapping on their own body. But more often it is because the owner needs the EFT as much as the animal, if not more so. Then we also use muscle testing to determine how often EFT should be done, such as twice a day, and the duration, such as for one week. Sometimes one session is all it takes but other times, it is more of a process. We find muscle testing to be a powerful tool in helping EFT to be even more powerful. If you do not know how to do it, we offer an instructional ebook. EFT can also be done in person or by distance. This may be hard to believe, but it is all about intention and realizing this is energy work – energy knows no time or space.

    EFT can have incredible results. Explore having a session or learning it. We offer EFT sessions in person and by distance. We teach EFT workshops for people and animals. We will also be offering an EFT distance learning class in the near future. Stay tuned to our newsletter for more details.

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