The Power Within the Flower

Continued from the November 2011 holistic email newsletter

How Dr. Bach Created the Essences
Dr. Bach used to go to the English hillside in the early morning hours, pick the flowers, put them in a bowl of water, and let the sunlight do its work for several hours. The flowers were then removed from the water but the energetic essence of the flower remained in the water. This is how he created his stock, mother tincture bottles. The process to create flower essences still holds true today. Some people, though, pour water over the flowers or blooms, so that the plant remains in tact.

How the Essences Work
Flower essences work on a vibrational level with the ability to affect people and animals emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. They help to bring the body back in balance, called homeostasis. They complement remedies that are being used to treat on a physical level. Flower essences are very safe and gentle. They can't do harm - only heal. There are no side effects. They will not show up in a drug test for competition animals. If you select the wrong essence(s), nothing will happen. Remember that essences for animals work on an emotional or energy level.

Why Essences are Powerful
If you can help a person or animal become emotionally balanced and happy, then most likely any behavioral problems will be greatly reduced or eliminated. They also have the ability to help resolve health issues. If the health issue is emotional based, flower essences may reduce or eliminate the problem. And remember, most illness and disease are emotional based.

So think of behavioral problems like anxiety, hyperactivity, fear, aggression, grief and even sadness and depression. Flower essences can heal them because they get to the core issue. And for phyiscal issues, it could be respiratory, urinary, gastro, skin, etc. So many of these problems are emotional based and the flower essences work on that deep, emotional level.

How the Custom Essences are Created
The blend is selected from the 38 Bach essences. It will be 3-7 essences that create the custom blend. And yes, you guessed it, we use muscle testing to determine the right blend. This is why we have SO much success. Muscle testing is the key. You can learn how to do muscle testing yourself. We sell an instructional ebook for $15. You take 2 drops of each essence and place it in a 30ml bottle, then add spring water. If you refrigerate it, you will not need to add any additives such as apple cider vinegar or alcohol. So if you know how to muscle test, you will have a much better chance of helping resolve the issue, rather than just picking the remedies based on the "description" on the bottle of what they help. Keep in mind that you do not always know the whole story to a person or animal, for instance. Some things happened in their life that you are unaware of, especially with adopted children or animals. Some things could have happened in a past life that have carried over to this life. If you think this does not happen, you are wrong, because it does. And it will keep happening until the issue is addressed. So with muscle testing, you are letting the body's energy determine what is right for the person or animal's body - you are not just looking at descriptions based on what you know about that person or animal. This makes a HUGE difference.

How the Essences are Offered
The essences are very simple to offer. Offer 4 drops 2-4 times a day, directly in the mouth if you can. Do not contaminate the dropper though. If you can't place in the mouth, then place the drops on a small piece of food. The bottle will last 4-6 weeks, depending on how often you are offering it.

Resolving the Conditions
Flower essences have the ability to resolve a health or behavioral issue by themselves but sometimes additional help is needed. Color therapy is a wonderful compliment and easy to do. An animal may need to be talked to to help it through the issue. With flower essences, you can see results in as quickly as an hour and other times it will take several days. Sometimes one blend is all it takes to resolve the issue. Other times multiple blends are needed over a period of months, especially if it is a more chronic type of condition.

We always use muscle testing to determine what are the top ways we can help an animal or person. A custom Bach flower essence shows up as one of the top 3 things in most cases. That is how powerful they are and how much we use them. If you are interested in a custom blend, they are on special for $25. It is a a great buy considering one essence is $15+ if you had to purchase it at a store, and the 38 remedies are over $500 if you purchased the box. And you need 3-7 remedies to create the custom blend. Click here to learn more about the custom essence blend special.


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