Flower Essences for Animals & People

What are flower essences for animals and people?

Dr. Edward Bach, a London medical doctor, created the 38 Bach Flower Remedies in the 1930's. He combined five remedies to create the Rescue Remedy, the most well known of his remedies and used by a number of pet owners and animal shelters. While there are other companies that make flower essences, his were the first.

Flower essences are created by placing a flower or part of a plant in water, placing it in sunlight, and allowing the water to take on the vibrational energies of that part of the plant. Dr. Bach believed that diseases result from imbalances or negativity on the soul level. He studied the link between emotional states of his patients and disease and realized that flowers had healing properties that could be beneficial. Even though flower essences were originally created for people, animals are very sensitive so the effects can be very healing.

What are the benefits of flower essences for animals and people?

  • Flower essences for animals and people work on a vibrational level and help to bring the body back in balance.
  • If you or your pet can become emotionally balanced, then most likely any emotional/behavioral problems will be greatly reduced or eliminated.
  • Flower essences can help animals and people with behaviors that are aggressive or dominant, fearful or submissive, impatient or hyper, depressed or moody, and tired or lazy.
  • Since most illnesses are a result of emotional blockages in the body, flower essences can also help resolve health issues that are emotional based.
  • How are the flower essences for animals and people administered?

    While a single flower essences for animals and people is more effective because it is more focused, many animals and peopl need a combination of 3-5 essences in order to properly help them with their issues. Dr. Bach believed you could combine up to 7 of the 39 essences at one time. While you can select which ones you think are best for you or your pet from the 39 remedies, muscle testing is the ideal way to make the selection. If you do not know how to do this, you can learn this amazing technique as a bonus taught in one of our workshops.

    Essences can be administered by:

  • putting drops directly in the mouth, on food or in a liquid.
  • placing them on your hands and rubbing them onto your body or that of your pet.
  • putting them in a spray bottle and misting yourself or your animal or the area.
  • combining the drops with bath water.
  • How quickly can I see results with flower essences for animals and people?

    While most of the time improvement may be seen within the first few days, situations involving more serious or ongoing issues may need several weeks or longer. With consistent improvement, you can decrease the amount of drops given and wean you or your animal off.

    How can a custom flower essences remedy help myself or my pet?

    A custom Bach flower remedy can be created just for you or your pet. If you were to purchase all 39 Bach flower remedies, it would cost about $500.00. However, with a custom remedy, a personalized blend is created for you or your animal with up to 7 essences for $30. Because most people and animals need multiple essences to help, this can be more cost effective than purchasing all of the essences yourself and making your own blend. The best way to tell what essences are right for yourself or your pet is through muscle response testing. The wonderful thing is that you or your animal does not need to be present in order to do this. A photo of you or your animal is all that is needed. If you are interested in a custom flower essences for animals or people blend, please click here to find out more.

    How can I learn more about flower essences?

  • Take a flower essences workshop with us. To learn more about the workshop and see the schedule, please click here.
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