Make Holistic Care a Fun & Rewarding Way of Life

(continued from January 2013 holistic email newsletter)

In his experiments, there were petri dishes filled with water that were said positive or negative words to or words were taped to the dish.  The dishes were then frozen and the water was examined.  The ones that were treated negatively did not form any crystals.  The ones that that were treated positively, including beautiful music played to, formed amazing crystals.  In another experiment using jars of rice, there was a third test group that was completely ignored and that jar of rice rotted before the jars that were spoken to.  Animals need our positive interaction to keep them healthy and thriving.

When it comes to dogs, there are so many wonderful activities we can do with them that may seem like "sports" but are actually a great way to bond with them. You can use natural methods to help heal a broken heart, make a frightened animal feel safe or allow them to show off their hidden talents! Agility, flyball, frisbee, dock dog jumping, lure coursing, rally, canine freestyle/dancing and dog yoga are just a few of the activities you can get involved in with your dog.  Doing any of these activities together can create an unconditional bond of love between you and your dog that is so special and forever growing in many directions.  It is an excellent way to stimulate and exercise your dog, and canine freestyle and doggie yoga can be done indoors on rainy days.  This workout for your dog is not only physical, but you are also working their brains as well and sometimes mental challenges are the true workout.  Get involved with your dog and your dog will get involved with you - see a deep and rewarding relationship evolve!

Doing muscle testing will ensure your animal is on the proper diet to feed their body.  By learning animal communication, you connect your heart to your animal's heart, which can improve your connection with them at an event or any time in their life. You can learn how to make custom essences or essential oil blends for focus or calming for you and your animal.  Work on their spirit by doing energy work and send positive energy to your animal before, during and after a competition or any situation.  Doing yoga daily with your dog is a holistic activity that can increase your ability to connect with your dog on a higher level.  Learn meditations of unconditional love through movement and prana (breath) that build a bond of body, mind and spirit.

When you add holistic modalities such as these to your life, you can prevent and overcome obstacles, as well as having the satisfaction and inner joy of the fun and accomplishment you shared with your animal. 



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