Continued from the April 2012 holistic email newsletter

Then the Universe steered me towards Allison Culver of The Lightfoot Way. Hmmm, could this be The Way, I thought? I’ll try dancing nude in the rain if Ginger will stop trying to give my neighbors kids’ unwanted haircuts. So off I went to my first class in Kinesiology, where I saw a little bottle of customized essential oils labeled “Mellow Fellow” on the table. This holistic kindergartner tried muscle testing this strange orange-smelling stuff for Ginger. Bingo!

Now, Ginger won’t let me mist plain water on her when she’s hot, or not hot. She’s not a “spray me in the face or anywhere else” kinda gal. So I put up my invisible protection and I hope that she doesn’t take my head off when I come at her with this “Mellow Fellow” concoction. She sniffs it, sits down, puts her head down, and waits. Who is this strange dog and where is my Ginger? With trembling hands, I spray her smack-dab on her pointy ears, head, and neck. I carefully back away, but she follows me. Does she want more? OK. She lays down with a big sigh. Now I know someone switched dogs on me. I’m looking under rugs.

Days pass. A couple of times a day, the Mellow Fellow comes out, and there she is, waiting behind me with her head outstretched for her Mellow Fix. Spring forward a few weeks to yesterday. A neighbor comes to the door. Ginger sits patiently. I open the door and invite her out into the street, unleashed. I can see my husband starting to speed dial our liability attorney. Ginger trots out, LICKS my neighbor, sits, and awaits instructions from me. She watches people walk by. Now I can’t say that she still doesn’t give them the stink-eye, but no lunging, no growling, no eating babies.

Today the housekeepers came; always fair game for Ginger, and always time-out-in-the-crate-time. She sat at the open front door while they unloaded their delicious feather dusters and happily followed them inside for a petting session. Needless to say, they were overjoyed.

Ginger has a way of making it clear if she doesn’t want something. Let’s just say that her current list is pretty long. As of press time, I brought out “her” Mellow Fellow, and she trotted off. When I presented it to her, she gave me the side of her head along with a bit of a doggie scowl. Me thinks… my teacher would say “test that puppy again to see if she needs it”, and guess what? Kinesiology says not only NO, but HECK NO!

So as of this moment in time and space, Ginger is done with her Mellow fix and is perfectly happy to control this on her own, thank you.

So, the age-old question… what would I take to a deserted island? If I had my dog; a boatload of Mellow Fellow and my tool of tricks taught by Allison and Kim of The Lightfoot Way. Oh yes, and some beef jerky.
Paula Vandervoort
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