Give Holistic Animal Care This Holiday Season

(from December 2014 holistic animal care newsletter)

 6. LEARN healing techniques for animals & their people! Just by learning muscle testing to determine diet including herbs, supplements, and any other homeopathic remedies can change lives.

Many of you may know this story, but my friend died of bone cancer and I inherited her cat, Simba. My students have communicated with her about her name and she still honors the name Simba as a part of her heritage and it makes her feel powerful, but we changed her name to Saucey in honor of my friend who owned a company called "Simply Sauces" and upon her arrival into our home, she had quite the spicy personality, but she is happy with the remembrance of her mom in her new name. I digress, the point of the story is that she had terrible bladder infections and weak kidneys (we know through TCM that the kidneys and bladder are sister organs and by symptoms showing up in the bladder, kidney issues will soon follow or manifest in illness) the conventional vet told me she would have to be on this "formula" food forever and she will have chronic infections her entire life. Well, I did not want to give her the "formula" food so I muscle tested her diet and switched her to a raw diet and asked what supplements were needed - she did not need any. She did great on her raw diet. She did get another bladder infection months later, and I asked (muscle tested) what supplements, herbs or homeopathic was needed and I got hydrangea tea - Now, I steep the tea and it breaks down crystals immediately if I see symptoms. It has been over 6 years and she has not had to go back to the vet since.

  7. DISCOVER life-changing modalities and techniques by learning all that HAC has to offer. Yes, the holistic world has many, many different components that can offer healing such as several types of energy work, akashic records, emotional freedom technique (EFT), crystals, color, essential oils, flower essences, herbs, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), massage, yoga or doga.  As people awaken they are drawn to more and more metaphysical modalities, but those that are not awakened to HAC (Holistic Animal Care) yet, may become a believer just by one modality that works!

This is my story and I am sticking to it.... I had worked with my dog trainers for several years and one of them was not open to the "woo-woo world" as they call it at all, but little by little after hearing stories and great results from other students in the training classes she came to me and asked if I had any herb or something that could help her from the debilitating pain her hips put her in, thus facing massive surgery. I said, yes, I will tell you what I get. So, I muscle tested and an essential oil blend showed up as the top. I made a blend for her, but several months had gone by with no word. Very appropriately, it was Christmas time 2-3 years ago, and she handed me a card as she explained to me that she had not used the oil blend I made her (still not into the woo-woo) until a few weeks ago (2-3 years ago) when she was so desperately in pain and she remembered the oil blend she had stashed away somewhere (did she remember or was a guide telling her?). She told me that it was unbelievable how it helped. It gave her mobility and kept her going and she has been able to avoid surgery. She has used it for about 3 years now, and to this day, she calls it her "Magic Formula".

  8. FOCUS on what is inside you, think outside the box, think HAC so you can grow spiritually and intuitively from your heart.  Open your chakras, look for your aura and channel the you in your highest self to achieve balance, peace and love.

 9. TRUST your body wisdom - Muscle test!  If you muscle test and trust what your body and energy tells you, you will see the best and often most amazing results.

A perfect example of this is the story of my coworker's cat, Simone:

At Thanksgiving some 5 years ago, Simone got hit by car and when the family drove home they saw her on the edge of their driveway covered in blood, crushed and not moving. After taking her to the emergency clinic she called me, and I told her I would do energy work on her all evening and not to put her down as the vet suggested - she was completely paralyzed from the waist down with no control of her bowels. The next day she was conscious and able to eat. I muscle tested which modality would be the very best to help Simone live, and the number one modalitiy was acupuncture. My coworker took Simone to do acupuncture weekly and then she did the points at home offering acupressure, which is just as energetic as acupuncture - really, no need for the needles if you set your intention and send energy through your fingertips. After 3 weeks of JUST doing acupuncture/acupressure as the muscle testing revealed was the best....This is so unbelievable, but knowing how HAC rocks it is TOTALLY Believable. Simone was completely healed, eating, jumping up on the counters and had complete control of her bowels. The amazing thing is that only ONE holistic Animal Care (HAC) modality was used. It saved Simone's life and saved my coworker heart ache and money. 

10. BECOME a member of our heart and Soul community! Take classes such as our new Intro to Holistic Animal Care Online Class, a wonderful introduction to HAC.  Learn and practice all in the safety and comfort of your home or business and with support of like-minded people.  Give HAC back to the community near you and spread the love of animals and healing in a holistic way!

Hopefully this will give you some inspiration about how you can make holistic animal care a part of your life or perhaps share with someone else.  Now is a perfect time to make it happen for you, your animals and those you care about!