The Great Little Turtle Rescue

To my delight, there was the little turtle!  But sadness filled my heart when I saw that he was indeed upside down.  

I immediately picked him up and he fit into the palm of my hand.  I rushed to find a bucket to put him in.  The important thing, he was alive.  He had a chance.  I thanked the turtles for their help and quickly brought him inside.  I went back out to blanket my horse and hurry back to the little guy.  

I filled the bucket up with a small amount of water and tilted it.  That way the little guy could swim but crawl out of the water when he wanted to. I could see he was a red-earred slider.  I used to have one as a child.  

I saw that all of his legs were functioning properly.  Good news.  He had spirit.  He wanted to live.  I asked him what had happened.  It seems he had gotten caught on a branch when he was coming out of the water and he accidentally got flipped over.

I offered him a small amount of food but he wasn’t interested.  Normally, during cold weather, outdoor turtles would not eat. So that was ok he didn’t want to eat.  I was thrilled he was doing very well.  

Later in the week, I decided it was time to release him.  I wanted to do it when it was warmer weather and he could have the day to adjust to a cooler night.  Warm weather arrived where I could release him in the late morning.  Yippee! 

I found the perfect spot at the pond that had shallow water that gently sloped into the pond.  A favorite spot of a bull frog.  As I put my hand into the water and allowed him to feel the water, he pulled his head in and froze.  I told him that he was strong and free to go now. 

He slowly pulled his head out and realized he was at the pond.  He took off and quickly disappeared below the surface, ready for a new adventure! 

So this is a simple story about the power of animal communication.  Animals hearing us and coming to our aid to help others.  That’s what they are here for. 

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We hope this story touches your heart and soul.  Know that all animals are special, including the wild ones.  They can warm your heart, too.