Feel & Heal with Flower Essences

Continued from May 2013 holistic newsletter

Why flower essences may be your #1 healing tool

The reason the essences are so powerful is that the work on a GENTLE but deep vibrational level.  In other words, flower essences have the incredible ability to get to the CORE issue of why a person or animal is behaving a certain way and RELEASE it.  And as stress can cause many health issues, if the physical problem is due to an emotional issue, the essences have the power to reduce or eliminate the health issue.  Even animals hold things deep inside, just like people.  Even if you adopted or purchased a puppy at just 6 weeks of age, believe it or not, something could have happened that changed their life and their behavior from such an early age.  We’ve seen it all too often.  And most people these days adopt animals.  Sadly, they usually come with quite a bit of “baggage’ – damage to their body, mind and spirit that you might not necessarily see right away.

The essences most used with animals

The #1 flower essence I have used with animals is Agrimony.  This flower has the ability to help animals be their true selves.  Simply put, to not hold things inside.  To release them and be who they were meant to be.  Because many animals want to “hide” and suppress their past, this essence can work wonders.  Others that muscle test strongly for the animals we have helped are Mimulus, which helps with intense fears of known things like thunder, fireworks, noise, etc., Rock Rose for terror and fright and Vervain for calming anxiousness. 

The best way to get the best results

A mistake you can make is to assume you know what happened their ENTIRE life, and yes, even a past life.  If you were to just read the description on each of the 38 flower essence bottles and try to determine which ones “sounded” like they fit your animal, you may or may not get great results.  The problem with doing that is you don’t know the whole picture.  If you base it off of a label, you are simply basing things off of what you see ONLY on the SURFACE with your animal.  Now, if you muscle test, you are letting their body tell you what is BEST for them.  This body wisdom technique has remarkable results.  If you do not know how to do this, we sell an instructional ebook with photos that teaches you how to muscle test for both people and animals.  We have had absolutely amazing results with muscle testing flower essences  for both people and animals.  Keep in mind that Rescue Remedy is wonderful but normally just works in traumatic type situations.  Because it is a remedy made of 5 blends, it is not custom created for one specific animal.  So it will not always help an animal.  That is why a custom blend using muscle testing really produces the best results.

Why you should be cautious

Remember I told you how there were all kinds of essences out there?  While some may be great for your animal, some have too strong of an energy.  For instance, the orchid essences are so powerful, the energy is so strong coming from them that it actually hurts my hands.  Those are some incredible essences!  But what many people forget is that animals are NOT like us.  They are extremely sensitive to energy.  I believe the orchid essences can be great for people, but too strong for most animals.  Many people do not realize how strong the energy can be from an essence.  We love working with the Bach essences because they are GENTLE and we find that MOST animals muscle test for needing a custom Bach flower essence blend to help heal them.  Another issue is that there are premade essences out there that are a combination of different flowers for instance.  Those blends were made to help the average person or animal.  They may not work at all on your animal or they may take a long time to see results.  One size does not fit all. 

Remember you can create a custom essence yourself if you know how to muscle test.  Just 2 drops of each essence in a bottle, topped off with spring or purified water is all it takes.  If you do not know how to muscle test, you can purchase the instructional ebook or we can make a custom blend for you.  And right now we are offering a special for our subscribers.  Normally the custom blends are $30 each and consist of up to 7 essences muscle tested for your animal (or you.)  Our special is just $20!  

As Lady would say, take time to honor the power of the flowers.  You will be glad you did!