#1 Answers to Top Holistic Animal Care Questions

Continued from January 2014 holistic animal care newsletter

What are the #1 methods to naturally relieve your animal’s discomfort?

First, take a look at your diet.  Your animal’s nutrition can be contributing to their discomfort.  Then after getting the core diet right, see if there are any supplements that can help such as MSM, glucosamine, herbs, etc.  Energy work such as reiki and homeopathy such as Traumeel and Arnica can really help with pain.  

Some times acupuncture and chiropractic work can be what your animal needs.  The #1 key to knowing what will really help your animal the best (diets, supplements, products, modalities, etc.) is muscle testing.  To learn more about helping mobility issues and discomfort, see the September 2012 issue in the archives.

What are the #1 culprits of skin issues in dogs?

Grains and dry food can play a huge role in skin issues in dogs.  In our experience, most dogs should be on a grain-free diet.  An all dry/kibble diet can also wreak havoc on their system.  Muscle test to determine if your dog should have grains and if it should be a raw diet, canned diet, can/dry combo or other type of diet.  Remember that if you do not know how to do muscle testing, you can easily learn with our instructional ebook.  The ebook even includes a flow chart of questions to ask to determine the best nutrition and supplements for your pet.  To learn more about helping skin issues, see the May 2012 issue in the archives.

What is the #1 method you can offer to your pet that in return helps you?

Energy work can provide amazing results.  Energy work comes in many forms such as reiki.  After studying many forms of energy work over the years, we have been guided to create our own energy work program that will be offered in the near future.  Some times all an animal needs to get better is energy work.  It provides many benefits such as helping with physical and emotional issues, trauma and transitioning.  And what is really cool about it?  When you offer healing energy to your pet, healing energy comes back to you.  Who couldn’t use that?  To learn more about energy work, see the August 2011 issue in the archives.

As you can see, holistic animal care can help in many different ways.  Always keep an open mind when learning about the many opportunities it offers.  Next month, Allison will talk about using holistic animal care to help behavioral issues so stay tuned.



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