Lightfoot Way Holistic Care Consultant Program (LWHCC)

Why become a certified Lightfoot Holistic Care Consultant?

The field of holistic care is growing as more people are turning to natural health care for the themselves and the people and animals in their care. As a holistic care consultant, you can help fill this vital role by providing quality care that helps people and animals on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level to live happier, healthier, and longer lives.

What will this program help me to accomplish?

As a certified Lightfoot Way Holistic Care Consultant (LWHCC), you can:
  • Start your own practice
  • Incorporate your skills into your current business
  • Work for a holistic focused facility
  • With your own practice, many of your consultations can be done from the comfort of your home. If you presently have a full-time job, you can easily have a part-time practice and if you desire to do so, transition to a full-time practice. If you already have a practice, you can earn additional income by offering consultation services. You may also choose to work for a holistic business such as a veterinarian, trainer, groomer, boarding facility, shelter/sanctuary or those involved in the healing arts.

    What does the consultant program consist of?

    The Lightfoot Way Holistic Care Consultant program consists of 7 hands on workshops and 4 correspondence courses covering:
  • Nutrition/Kinesiology
  • Animal Communication/Advanced Animal Communication
  • Reiki/Energy Work Level 1 for People, Reiki I for Animals, & Reiki Level II for People & Animals
  • One Elective (Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, EFT, Flower Essences, and Health/Homeopathy.)

  • The 50+ hours of hands on workshops provide a quality and intimate learning experience due to the small workshop size. The 150+ hour home study curriculum continues the learning experience by providing you with the additional skills and support you need to become a professional consultant.

    When I complete the program, what will I be able to do?

    After completion of the program, which provides a solid foundation in holistic care, you will be able to provide in person and distance consultations in nutrition/kinesiology, animal communication, reiki/energy work, and your elective.

    Who is the founder of this program?

    Kim Shotola is the founder of The Lightfoot Way. She has worked with animals at the Houston Zoo for over 18 years. She has been a supervisor for over 15 years, helping manage the care of over 1,000 domestic, livestock, wildlife, and exotic animals in the Children's Zoo. Prior to that she worked for an insurance agency for 6 years. She's volunteered her time in the past helping shelter women write winning resumes and realizing how beautiful they truly are. She is a holistic instructor and consultant and has a private practice that is not affiliated with the zoo. In addition to teaching workshops, The Lightfoot Way provides in person and distance consultations. While she loves helping animals and people, her passion is teaching. Sharing the knowledge with others so they can help others is a true blessing for her. She realizes the value of holistic care consultants and has designed this affordable program to meet the needs of this growing field. To learn more about Kim and the other wonderful instructors please click here.

    How do I find out more about the certification program?

    Contact Kim today for more information about the certified Lightfoot Way Holistic Care Consultant program.

    Below are examples of how you can utilize the skills learned in the holistic care consultant program:

    Animal Communication
    Being able to communicate with animals can help you understand them better. You can use your intuitive abilities to assist you with the animal’s general care, handling, training, or any of the holistic modalities you offer. Many people are familiar with animal communication and have the desire to have their animals communicated with. You may decide you are interested in becoming a professional animal communicator and offer sessions for your clients. By learning how to do this, you can also utlize these skills to work with people on the same intuitive level. Click here to learn more about animal communication.

    This energy work that originated in Japan has helped many people and animals. It is being offered in more hospitals so people are becoming more aware of it. It is a wonderful modality that can help reduce or eliminate pain and illness or help calm people and animals during difficult times. Click here to learn more about reiki.

    Emotional Freedom Technique is not as well known as energy work such as reiki but one day will probably be a top choice of treatment with people and animals. This technique was originally developed by psychotherapists to help clients and can have amazing results with animals by releasing emotional blockages. Click here to learn more about EFT.

    Muscle Testing
    Muscle testing is also referred to as kinesiology. If you are going to work with people or animals in a holistic manner, learning this technique is vital to their health. Some people and animals are allergic to certain foods and products and this tool offers you the knowledge to determine what is best for a person or animal. This is such a valuable tool to have that we teach basic kinesiology in all of her workshops. The nutrition/kinesiology workshop is an all day workshop dedicated to learning about muscle testing and nutrition. Click here to learn more about muscle testing.

    Flower Essences
    There are a variety of companies that make flower essences but the Bach Flower Remedies are the most well known. Dr. Bach originally created them to help his clients but many animal communicators and holistic animal consultants offer consultations. Click here to learn more about Bach flower essences.

    Essential oils have the ability to help on various levels. They are used by equine massage practitioners during massage. Groomers and holistic vets use them to help calm animals. Aromatherapy is used in natural animal products such as fly spray, flea treatments, wound care, shampoos, and conditioners. They are often used on people in massage and other healing arts. Click here to learn more about aromatherapy.

    Homeopathy is used by holistic vets and homeopathic practitioners to help resolve health issues. Homeopathy companies make kits for people and animals containing the most common remedies and some businesses offer these kits for sale. The tiny pills are easy to administer as they dissolve and are tasteless. Some professionals specialize in homeopathy and offer consultations. Click here to learn more about homeopathy.

    Even though crystals have been around for a long time and people have used them for themselves, only more recently are pet owners considering their healing properties. As a consultant, you can utilize and offer crystals for people and animals in a variety of ways. Click here to learn more about crystals.

    Canine and equine massage practitioners are becoming more well known. Whether someone has a sport horse, competitive dog, or an aging animal, pet owners are realizing the value of massage. An animal massage practitioner can enhance their services by offering other modalities to their clients in addition to massage. Click here to learn more about massage.

    Audio meditation
    helps you open up your intuitive abilities. Click here to sign up

    Kim offers workshops in all of these modalities. Certificates are awarded for all workshops. You can become a certified Holistic Care Consultant by taking the 7 workshops and 4 correspondence courses covering nutrition, applied kinesiology, animal communication, reiki/energy work, and one elective (aromatherapy, crystal healing, EFT, flower essences, and health/homeopathy.)

    While a one day workshop is available in either canine massage or equine massage, animal massage is not part of the Lightfoot Consultant program. The one day workshop is designed to provide animal professionals with the opportunity to see if they want to pursue more extensive training in this field.

    To see our schedule of holistic workshops, please click here.

    Click here to request more information about the Lightfoot Holistic Animal Care Consultant Program.