Holistic Indoor Fun & Meditation for You & Your Pets

Continued from January 2015 holistic animal newsletter

In each of these experiences, connect your heart with your animal’s heart.  Focus on one animal per experience.  All you have to do is think about doing it.  You can say “I’m connecting my heart to my animal’s (or state their name) heart.”  Remember intention is powerful!

·       Energy work is a buzz word, no pun intended.  It can bring you and your animals energy along with peace and harmony.  A simple exercise is to sit on the ground or a piece of furniture you feel comfortable with.  Try to have your feet touching the ground.  It’s great if you can do barefooted.  Do this in the presence of your animal. 

  1. Tap on the center of your chest with the palm of your hand three times.
  2. Rub your hands together then place them upright (palms are upward) on your thigh/knee area, depending on how your are sitting. 
  3.  Close your eyes and envision your hands as allowing energy to flow into them.  If you need to, think of a color that brings you peace.  If your hands feel cool, warm or tingly, that is normal.  If you don’t feel anything, that is normal, also.
  4. When you feel comfortable, then envision your hands allowing energy to flow into your animal with the intention that they receive only the energy they desire.  You may also experience sensations in your hands.  Do not worry about where your animal is.  Keep your intention.  Your animal may come up to you or they may walk away.  Wherever they are, they will receive the energy they are meant to receive.
  5. Do this experience for at least 5-10 minutes.  Repeat as often as you and your animals desire – the more, the better.

·       Music can be powerful.  Music we have found to touch the heart and soul is truly special.  We have found that Deva Primal’s music does just that.  Sit by your animal and play the music.  Get in a relaxed state and just soak it in.  If you have special music you like to use already, then do the same and remember to connect your heart to your animal’s heart.

·       Before you go to this last experience, try the other two experiences first.  They will help prepare your body, mind and spirit.  You can do this with your animal in another room or out of sight.  You might find this to be more powerful.

  1. Sit on the ground or a piece of furniture.  Shoes off is ideal.
  2. Tap on the center of your chest with the palm of your hand three times.
  3. Rub your hands together.
  4. In each hand, please a piece of rose quartz and close your hands around it.  Rose quartz helps to connect to the heart.  If you have other crystals you prefer, use them but a pair of the same type of crystals is great. 
  5. Focus on your breathing, keeping it slow and calm.
  6.  Focus on your heart beating.
  7. Connect your heart to your animal’s heart.
  8. Feel love for yourself.  You can say “I love myself.”
  9. Send love to your animal.  You can say “I love you” or “I send my love to you.”
  10. Breathe and listen to your heart and soul and the heart and soul of your animal.  Allow your mind to open up.  You may feel emotion or sensations.  You may see images.  You may receive information.  Just let it happen.  It may take you a number of times before you can open up.  So just keep doing it.  Know that every time you do this, the more connected you are becoming.  The more you can do it, the better.

I hope you will give these holistic indoor experiences a try.  They can really help you connect more to your pets and to yourself.  Give it a go.  You and your animals are worth it!