(Continued from the February 2014 holistic newsletter)

The Lightfoot Way was also able to explain why he wouldn't let me clip his nails.  On the pads of his feet, they were damaged.  He would not let me touch them.  I'm not a vet, but I could tell something had happened to him.  They were able to identify that the pads of his feet were burned from urine and feces that he was forced to walk in at his previous home.  

Once we identified Jack's pain, and where he needed the most attention, we were able to resolve some of his behavior.  It took time, but through patience and LISTENING we were able to help him.  By easing the pain on his paw pads, changing his food, changing the colors of blankets and towels that he slept on and creating a more comfortable environment for him - he healed.  He became such a loving, caring cat.  Once he was feeling better, he didn't attack Bailey anymore.  Being a Siamese, he still loves to play but he never attacks Bailey.  He doesn't stalk her litter box or food anymore.  In fact, they even share from the same bowl at every meal!  He learned that he no longer needs to compete for food or shelter and that he can just enjoy love.  He needed time and attention to heal and become the Jack that we love today.    Behavioral issues can be healed given time and attention.  Once at a point of desperation, where I contemplated rehoming Jack, I look back and cannot believe I ever thought that!  He is wonderful and I'm so grateful to The Lightfoot Way for showing my husband and I the way. 

I was so intrigued by the healing process we went through with Jack and how it solved the behavioral issues in our home that I wanted to learn more.  I took an Animal Communication class with Kim in January 2014.  It was life changing and I cannot wait to continue my journey.