Continued from the December 2011 holistic email newsletter

In 2009, after spotting The Lightfoot Way advertisement in Houston Pet Talk magazine, I contacted founder, Kim Shotola, whose passion is to teach classes in holistic animal care. I attended the canine massage class with my 2001 Jack Russell Terrier rescue, Grace, in October 2009. After seeing Grace begin to detox during a massage, I was certain I was on the right track and subsequently registered for the remaining holistic animal care classes leading to level I Holistic Care Consultant certification. (Note: Nutrition & Kinesiology, Basic & Advanced Communication, Reiki I for People, Reiki I for Animals & Reiki II for People & Animals, and 1 elective for total of 7 classes were minimum required, and Judith went beyond that, with her desire to learn all of the holistic ways possible that we offered in order for her to help animals.) In December 2010, I completed the last holistic care class in traditional Reiki III, thus obtaining certification as a reiki master.

Since then, I have utilized many of the holistic modalities I learned while attending The Lightfoot Way holistic animal care classes while providing holistic care to my multiple pet family, no kill shelter, rescues, as well as clients’ special needs pets. While under the direction of my life coach, The Lightfoot Way founder, and my holistic veterinarian of more than a decade, to whom I am grateful for a letter of recommendation, I achieved level 1 Holistic Care Consultant certification in December 2010.
Judith Williams-Lohmar, LWHCC

At this time, non-Texas residents may become consultants with us. However, our true focus is those that want to teach others wherever they may live. You can read more about that in this month's article Empowerment Equals Success.