You are the Key to Your Animal's Happiness

Continued from April 2014 holistic newsletter

  • Energy work begins with YOU!  Devote time to offer yourself energy work and boost your energy level with self-healing.  Meditate at least once a day. It only takes 5 minutes and it will give you a day of clarity and cleansing that will flow to everyone around you, including your animals.  Set your intention to protect your energy field every morning before you leave your home and to balance yours and your family's chakras daily.
  • Animals may need crystal therapy, yes, but did you muscle test to see if, possibly, you need the same crystals or other crystals for yourself?  You may need to wear them or they may need to be present in your vehicle as you drive or you may need to create a crystal essence that can be sprayed on you and your animals.  Our animals may be mirroring us, and the same healing methods or tools that muscle test strong for them just may test equally as strong for you.
  • Pay attention to what color you choose to wear each day - that color has its own energy and you chose it for a reason.  Chances are you may need it and so does your dog, cat, horse, etc.    
  • Consider that it might be your turn for a custom Bach flower essence blend. If things seem out of balance or your attitude is not the best, muscle test to see if a flower essence blend will benefit you! It will rebalance your energy field and turn any negative energy that your animals can feel into positive, balanced energy.  Remember, animals are already at a much higher energetic level than we are and they can feel energies much more intensely than we can, so we need to be aware of our own emotional state and keep it in balance for the animals in our care. Many times clients have come to us for anxious or fearful or aggressive behavior their animal is displaying, and the animal will tell us something is going on in the home.  Whether it is  a new animal in the house, a separation of family members, someone is ill or a change in the routine - the stress of the owner is affecting their animals and by rebalancing the owner's emotions we can help the animal to feel secure and balanced again.   
  • We are what we eat! We worry about what our animals are eating and work on correcting their diet constantly.  Muscle testing is the best way to determine diet, yes, but have you thought of muscle testing to see if that loaf of bread is good for your body or if you should eat red meat more or less weekly or if you need more green veggies in your daily diet or maybe more fruit to keep your diet balanced?  Muscle test for yourself - just as you can do this on your own for your animals, you can muscle test everything for yourself, as well.  Keep in mind the TCM food chart not only helps guide you for your animals, but also for yourself!
  • You can also use muscle testing to find out what remedies will help you like homeopathy and herbs.  We love Native Remedies.  They are the same company that makes Pet Alive for the animals.  Give them a look for remedies that could help your well being.  Don't know how to muscle test?  Learn with our instructional ebook.  
  • Communication is the key to having a strong, loving and close relationship with your animals. Learn to communicate with the animals, "Animals are windows to our souls and doorways to our spiritual destinies.  If you will let them into your life and allow them to teach you, you will be better for it." Kim Shotola

When we communicate with our own animals we tend to want to know about them, and we ask them about their health, life and needs.  However, you can ask your animals about YOU!  What do they see as your role or purpose in life or what path you should take in your life.  They have such knowledge and know so much about us; they want to help you with difficult decisions in your life.  They want to help you, they are simply waiting for you to awaken and hear them - they would truly much rather talk about you and how they can enrich your life. Open the lines of communication and deepen your relationship with your animals.

Learn these modalities and use them daily in your life for yourself, your family and your animals.  Make holistic care a way of life and you will see how they can benefit every aspect of your life - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Rise to the occasion!  After all, aren't your animals worth it?



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