Continued from the September 2011 holistic email newsletter

Maggie first thanked me for letting her go, and told me she chose her time to go because of planetary shifts and high transcendence for her spirit. She immediately put my mind at ease and allowed me to let go of feeling that, maybe, there was more I could have done to have saved her that I had been holding in my heart for weeks.

In my heart, I always felt that Maggie was a healer. She told me that I was the healer and the giver not her, and that I brought her much joy. Most importantly, Maggie said that I needed to believe in myself and the healing powers the universe has given me, and that the most important gift I could give Maggie would be to start sharing that energy work not only with people as I have been doing for 20 years but also with the animals.

My last question to Maggie was, “Would you be coming back, and if so how to recognize you?” Maggie's response was "No - I am an angel now here, and I can help you get the ball rolling much quicker here in spirit than I ever could on earth." She promised to sleep beside me every night, however. Many of you have probably experienced the same love and warmth from a dearly loved pet that is in spirit. A light touch on your face, a cool breeze in the kitchen, warmth or an indentation on your pillow as you sleep, tingling around your feet like a cat rubbing his face on your legs …… pay attention to any sensations that you feel – these are your animals in spirit sending you love, light and messages.

That evening when I returned home, I lie in bed with my 3 year old son staring at a beautiful artist painted portrait of Maggie hanging in his room. My son asked me before falling asleep "mommy - is Maggie here because it sure feels like she is?" I said "yes baby she is sleeping right beside us." At that point, I realized that Maggie is with me ALWAYS!!! Laurie looked up at the painting and the light coming from the window was shining directly on Maggie’s face, thus confirming Maggie was, indeed there!

For the past year, Laurie has been an ongoing student with The Lightfoot Way, and volunteers at Friends For Life on our free Healing nights - per Maggie's message!!!!

All animals can assist you at anytime in your life – you just need to ask and they will send you a message. Open your heart and listen to your intuition, and accept that what you get is coming from your pet or the animal. The messages can come to you in many forms – think outside the box. Keep connecting to your animals and tune in to the other animals around you.


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