Marlie Wylie

Continued from the August 2011 holistic email newsletter

The minute Marlie walked in the room, she came right over to us and laid down. Kim and I were immediately led to offer reiki energy to her (I get emotional just writing about it). Marlie’s body shook and she moaned and groaned and finally let out the loudest, longest moan of release I had ever experienced. She was letting go of so much pain she had been holding on to - the loss of her puppies, the childhood she never had, missing her own mother and the uncertainty of her future. By verbally telling Marlie that this was her forever home, she was able to feel relaxed, comfortable and confident in her loving home. The reiki energy cleared and released Marlie’s emotional pain from the past.

Cindy was amazed at the change. It was immediate! She was WAGGING HER TAIL, BOUNCING LIKE A PUPPY AND WANTING TO BE PETTED! Marlie now plays with her younger sibling, Hershey, exudes an effervescent enthusiasm, loves walks to socialize and in her way, she is giving loving and healing energy back to Cindy and everyone she meets every day. Cindy could not believe that one session would heal Marlie like it did. She said, “Never could I have believed the change that would occur with just ONE session, nor the way it has impacted not just Marlie’s life, but the lives of all of us who have come to know the true spirit that is Marlie.” Thank you, Marlie for touching our lives and showing us the light through energy, as it is always for the greater good.

You can offer energy anytime you want to anyone or anything. For more information on reiki/energy work, please visit our reiki page. You can raise your energy level by doing some of the techniques in our tips column, then set your intention to send positive energy.

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