Muscle Testing for Animals & People

What is muscle testing?

Muscle testing for animals and people is also called kinesiology, which is the science and art of movement in the body. Muscle testing uses the muscle system of a person or animal’s body in the presence of a product as a source of information. Some refer to it as body wisdom. It is a method used by chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, and nutritionists working in private health food stores for many years. Holistic vets use muscle testing in their practices and a growing number of pet owners are learning about this wonderful tool to better health.

What are the benefits of muscle testing?

  • Muscle testing can help you determine if you or your pet is allergic to certain foods or products.
  • It can help you find what are the best foods and supplements for you and your pet.
  • You can even determine the right amount of a food or product to offer.
  • How is muscle testing for animals and people conducted?

    Two people can muscle test one another or an animal. A person's deltoid or finger muscles are used, depending on which method is best. When testing an animal, the person will hold the product against the animal with one hand and the other arm will be used for the testing with the person assisting. It is a simple process but just takes repetition to get the hang of it. But the knowledge gained has the ability to make a tremendous impact on you and your pet's life.

    How can I learn more about muscle testing?

  • We teach kinesiology workshops. To learn more about the workshops and see the schedule, please click here.
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  • If you are unable to attend a workshop and want to learn how to do muscle testing for yourself, family, friends, and animals, you can purchase the 31 page detailed instructional ebook, The Basics of Muscle Testing for People & Animals. It teaches you how to do muscle testing for both people AND animals and features photos to help guide you! Click here to find out more about the muscle testing for animals and people instructional ebook.