A New Start to a New Year for You & Your Animals

(continued from January 2013 holistic email newsletter)

·         Animal communication can help to determine how your animal feels, why they are behaving a certain way and what you can do to help them.  Consider a session to help you find out what is on your animal’s mind.  Remember animals are your teachers and here to guide you.  And for you, consider a spiritual guidance session from an animal spirit guide, angel, or beloved passed animal or person.  It’s amazing the depth of guidance you can receive to help you on your path! 

·         Color therapy can be administered by offering your animal a towel, sheet or blanket to lay on or near.  Light blue is calming and light pink helps with separation anxiety.  Green can help an animal to feel more grounded and yellow more cheery.  And when you pick out a shirt to wear, notice what color it is.  It is very likely that the color you selected has to do with what chakra needs balancing the most.  Like red for root, orange for sacral, yellow for solar plexus, green for heart, blue for throat, indigo for brow and purple for your crown. 

·         Crystals can be effective because of their individual color and healing properties.  Crystal beads can be placed inside a pouch that goes on your animal’s collar or halter.  You can offer larger crystals for them to have access to – like smell, lay next to, etc..  The main thing is to make sure they are large enough to where they can’t ingest them.  Amethyst and turquoise are the best general purpose healing stones.  For ladies, a pouch can fit nicely on your bra strap.  Crystals that are specifically selected for an animal or person can work wonders.  And how do you know which crystals are best?  How do you know what is best way to offer them?  (Could also be a crystal essence!)  You muscle test of course! 

·         Bach flower essences can help with releasing deep emotions that are affecting a person or animal’s behavior or health condition.  Rescue Remedy is wonderful in traumatic situations.  Essences are given orally or rubbed on an animal’s ears or feet.  People take them orally.  What’s cool is that if the physical condition is a result of an emotional issue, which is very likely, then the essences can possibly relieve or resolve the physical issue.  But the real secret to having success with essences is muscle testing to create a custom blend from the 38 essences. 

·         Energy work can be offered to your animal by simply rubbing your hands together, placing your palms towards your animal, and intending to send healing energy that will improve their behavior.  Do this from a distance and then move closer to your animal if they seem receptive.  And don’t forget about yourself!  Offer healing energy daily.  You can simply place your hands on your stomach at night and intend to send energy. 

·         Essential oils like lavender and chamomile can be relaxing.  Frankincense and tea tree oils can be healing.  While there are safety precautions when applying directly to an animal, most animals are fine with spraying the oils in the air or using a diffuser.  A custom creation using muscle testing is very beneficial.  Then you will know what method to offer the oils, which specific oils, quantity of drops of each and the duration!

·         Homeopathy can assist with both behavioral and health issues.  For instance, ignatia can help with grief and arnica may relieve pain for both people and animals.  Most homeopathic remedies are given orally in a pill or liquid form.

·         Massage can help to relax animals and people.  Combine that with soothing aromatherapy and you have a real winner.  Slow, gentle circles in the armpits can quickly calm a dog.  Slow circles on the body provide relaxation while fast circles stimulate.  Remember to never massage bone or a weak animal.  I must say in October I started getting monthly massages and it is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. 

·         Acupuncture, chiropractic, laser therapy and hydrotherapy are holistic methods that vets and holistic practitioners offer.  I have a small “pen style” laser that I use on injuries and acupressure points on my animals and family.  The acupuncture and chiropractic my dogs and horses have received have been very beneficial. 

·         Muscle testing is great to determine what methods are best to help you and your animals.  Our instructional ebook is a great way to learn how to do it for both people and animals.  It will change your life!

New & Rewarding

·         Learn to think outside the box.  Get creative, be bold and have fun!  Enrich you and your animal’s lives and create harmony by learning something new. 

·         Do something unique with your animal – new walking path, new sport or a new way to exercise.  For dogs, you can consider flyball, agility, dock dogs, yoga, freestyle dancing or nose work.  For cats, there are new games and yes, you can teach your cat how to walk on a harness.  For horses, think natural horsemanship.  Consider clicker training for any animal – even a fish can learn!  All of these things can greatly improve your relationship with your animals.

·         Empower your life and that of your animal by learning animal communication, energy work, flower essences, or other holistic methods.  Learning is fun, simple and life changing! 

·         If you are a professional that works with animals, think about adding more tools to your tool box.  The more you can become a “one stop shop” for your clients, the more business you will have.  Knowing a variety of holistic skills can really make you stand out!

·         Find somewhere to learn.  We teach in the greater Houston area and also accept students who learn at my farm for a week or more.  Can’t make it to see us?  No worries!  Last fall we launched our distance learning program.  We have offered animal communication teleclasses and coming this year will also be energy work and EFT! 

·         We are also offering a wonderful mentoring program and professional animal communicator certification program.  If you want to learn more, just email us.

2013 is the year to blossom – to shine your light!  So what are you waiting for!



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