(Continued from the October 2011 holistic email newsletter)

We signed Tracie and Paris up for the next free healing consultation and sent reiki every day to Paris until we could see her. Tracie arrived with her photo of Paris. She was unable to bring her since she could be contagious. Kim and I were amazed at Paris’ persistence and strength to get better. Paris knew she was supposed to be in Tracie’s life and that Tracie saved her from the pound for a reason. Paris was doing much better with reiki being offered every day. We recommended a diet change through muscle testing, a homeopathic remedy, and crystal therapy. In just a month or so, Tracie scheduled another consultation with us. This time, Paris got to come in person as she was doing so well! The change was incredible. She was truly on the road to recovery!

Paris, as you can see in the before and after photos, is strong and happy today! Tracie knew reiki would help and I truly believe that she found us just to reinforce that holistic modalities like reiki, nutrition, homeopathy and crystal therapy really can save lives and to keep Tracie on this natural path! Tracie held the determination to continue offering this amazing energy and other holistic methods for the greater good and Paris prevails!

Bonus Story - Stella

Stella, a precious mixed breed about 6 years old, lives across from us and looked healthy and loved to play with my dogs, actually I think she fancies my dog, Bob, but after talking to her mom it was clear that Stella was constantly scratching and itching and had red spots all over her skin. Tara knew nothing about holistic care or even how the diet could impact Stella's health. I asked her if I could muscle test Stella and find out what might be causing the itching and skin irritations. She said, "I have no clue what that is, but if you think it can help, please do."

I muscle tested Stella's diet for grain-free, kibble diet was ok, but no chicken and no lamb. Fish was best and beef and turkey good, as well. Stella needed salmon oil and to have apple cider vinegar added to her water daily. I think this helped her skin heal. Tara took the information and said she would see what foods she could find that fit this diet protocol. It was a few weeks before I saw Stella and Tara at the park, and she was so happy and thankful because Stella was NOT scratching anymore, her hot spots were gone and her coat was not shedding. She could not believe that Stella no longer needed her allergy medication, and all by changing her food.

Tara learned how to muscle test from me and now she monitors Stella's diet and supplements regularly. The body's own energy does not lie!! You can learn how to muscle test, too, with our 30 page instructional ebook. To read more success stories, sign up for our email newsletter to receive tips, stories, resources, workshop and distance learning information and specials just for our readers AND you will receive our audio meditation to help open up your intuitive abilities.

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