Petey & EFT

Continued from the February 2012 holistic email newsletter

We had been burglarized before the “leaving and lunging” began and it really affected my husband – he felt so betrayed with such a sense of loss. Well, during the EFT tapping session when we had connected to Petey it was revealed that Petey was mortified and felt like a failure because he had slept right through the incident – never barking or alerting! Petey saw how sad it made “daddy” and he vowed never to let anyone ever again leave our house taking stuff that meant something to us. Wow, all of this behavior was out of love and loyalty! We did a few rounds of tapping reassuring Petey that he is a good dog and to let go of feeling less than, and we assured him that anyone we allow into our home can leave with anything we give them. Just ONE session of EFT was all that was needed.

Several workshops, dinner parties and years later at my house Petey can meet, greet and say goodbye to everyone that visits! We have not had an issue since that one EFT session. It is amazing how quickly it can work and can release so much, even decades of emotional pain, trauma or blockage.


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