Holistic Animal Care for Pet Owners

As a pet owner, you love your animals and want what is best for them. Chances are, you may have opened your home to a stray or an animal from a shelter. No matter what types of pets you have, you have a kind heart and care deeply about your animals or you would not be considering your options. Whether you have a sick animal and are looking for natural ways to help them or you have a healthy pet and want to see them stay as healthy as possible, you can learn about holistic animal care through workshops, consultations, or educational materials. Please explore the various healing modalities to see how holistic animal care can help your pet to live a happier, healthier, and longer life.

Animal Communication
Everyone can communicate with animals on a telepathic level. It is not just for the gifted! Wouldn't it be wonderful for you to be able to hear what your pet is saying? You can awaken this ability inside yourself or we can communicate with your animal for you. Either way, you can deepen your bond with your pet. Click here to learn more about animal communication.

This Japanese energy healing technique is used in hospitals as an alternative healing method. More and more pet owners are learning about the many benefits of this healing art. Anyone can do it and once you learn, you have the ability for life. Click here to learn more about reiki.

Emotional Freedom Technique was originally created by psychotherapists to use with their patients but people have come to realize how it can benefit animals by helping to release emotional blockages. Click here to learn more about EFT.

Muscle Testing
Also known as kinesiology, this amazing method used by chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, and holistic vets can help you determine what foods or products your animal should have. This is such a valuable tool that we teach basic kinesiology in all of our full and half day workshops. Click here to learn more about muscle testing.

Bach Flower Essences
This healing technique made from flowers was created by a medical doctor for his clients. Many professional animal communicators recommend flower essences for their clients. Click here to learn more about Bach flower essences.

Aromatherapy Essential oils are made from various parts of plants. The oils that are extracted can work on a variety of levels, from a fly repellent to helping with emotional issues. Click here to learn more about aromatherapy.

Homeopathy is often used by holistic vets to help resolve health issues. Homeopathy companies make kits for animals containing the most common remedies for pets. The tiny pills are easy to administer as they dissolve and are tasteless. Click here to learn more about homeopathy.

Crystals have been around for a very long time and all have healing properties. Only in more recent years are pet owners learning how crystals can help their animals. Click here to learn more about crystals.

Massage is most commonly used with dogs and horses but can also be done on cats and other animals. There are many benefits for aging pets or those that are performance animals. Click here to learn more about massage.

Audio meditation
to help you open up your intuitive abilities. Click here to sign up Workshops
The Lightfoot Way offers workshops in all of these modalities. Certificates are awarded for all half and full day workshops. These workshops are designed to offer you a solid foundation whether you are a pet owner, animal professional, animal business owner, or looking to start your own practice. To see our schedule of holistic workshops, please click here.