You Can Make a Difference with Cancer!

Continued from the March 2012 holistic email newsletter

Evaluate Nutrition & Water

  • Offer the best diet possible that is right for your animals and you. Some find that a low carb diet with probiotics, moderate protein, moderate to high fat, and eliminating grains and dairy products from the diet is best. Keep in mind that proteins like chicken and lamb are “hot” (in other words have a warming affect in the body) in traditional Chinese medicine and are normally not ideal. “Neutral” proteins like beef and “cool” like turkey are normally better choices. Stay away from sugars used in many treats and processed foods, as cancer cells thrive on this. Many fruits are high in sugar, especially bananas. With the wrong diet, any condition can deteriorate. Muscle testing (kinesiology) is the best way to determine the proper diet. If you are not familiar with muscle testing, we offer an instructional ebook that teaches you how to muscle test both people and animals. Muscle testing becomes so much more important when an animal or person is very ill - it is simply crucial - any many do it daily but at the very least weekly to know what is truly needed.
  • Consider adding supplements. Omega 3 fatty acids may help prevent the spread of cancer. Flax provides a good source for dogs, horses and people. Salmon oil is good for cats since it is a liquid and people. Antioxidants have anti-cancer properties and can slow the growth of some cancers. Vitamins A, C, D3, E, selenium, and bioflavoniods that contain polyphenols like EGCG (epigallocatechin-gallate) found in green tea are considered by many to be the most effective antioxidants. Muscle testing is very helpful in determining the proper supplements and amounts.
  • Look at your water. Most city water contains a good amount of additives to it such as fluoride and chlorine. It is better to offer purified (reverse osmosis) water. Willard's water can be beneficial as it helps with the alkalinity of the body.
  • Consider Different Treatment/Support Options

  • Shamballa is a form of energy work that is from the same origin as Reiki, but it is newer energy so we feel offers more benefits and results. Because it is more recent, it is not as well known as Reiki. Reiki is offered as a complimentary treatment option in some hospitals such as MD Anderson. We offer healing energy to the animals at the Friends for Life animal shelter and many clients. Energy work can help people and animals to become more comfortable and relaxed. In some cases, tumors have reduced in size or disappeared. Energy work has the ability to help on different levels – emotional, mental, physical, and/or spiritual. A major component of Shamballa is empowerment. Consider learning energy work so that you can offer the wonderful healing energy that is inside of you, for yourself, others and animals. It is great to keep your energy vibration up and that of your animals to help prevent cancer. But if faced with cancer, energy work can help on some level. We all have the natural ability to do this! All you need is some guidance. We will be offering distance energy work classes in the near future. Stay tuned to the newsletter for more details. We love to teach and empower people more than anything!
  • Animal communication can be used to find out how your pet is feeling both physically and emotionally and what you can do to make them feel more comfortable. It could be as simple as a particular bed they would like to have, if they are up to going on a walk or want a shorter walk, or a special message they have for you. These precious things in life mean the world to them. You can learn animal communication yourself or seek the help of a professional animal communicator. That is the most popular workshop and service that we provide. And for people that want help on this level, consider a spiritual intuitive that can provide incredible insight and guidance.
  • Flower essences were originally created by Dr. Edward Bach, a London medical doctor. Made from the essences of flowers, this liquid that is taken orally can help animals and people release emotions and cope with their situation more easily. Understand that most illness and disease is a result of deep emotional issues. A custom made flower essence blend that is created just for that animal or person using muscle testing is ideal. The Bach flower essences are ideal for animals but some people will benefit from the higher energy of the Orchid Essences. In our experience, most animals do not muscle test that the high energy holistic products are the best way to go, as the energy is too strong for them. However, some people need that higher energy to make a shift. Keep in mind it is important to address the emotional issues before they have a chance to manifest into something like cancer. But if a person or animal does have cancer, the essences have the ability to help on some level.
  • Color therapy can benefit everyone at any time in their life. For animals, it can be offered by providing a collar or bedding (sheet, blanket, towel) in a specific color. Place it where they can lay on it or near it and get the healing energy from that color. For people, it’s the clothes we choose to wear, the sheets we sleep on and the colors in our homes. Keep in mind that the color red “stimulates” so this means you normally do NOT want to put this color on or around an animal or person if they have cancer. There is a reason the bull charges the red cape. It does not matter whether the animal can see a particular color or not - it is the energy the color gives off that affects your pet. There are colors that can help support an animal or person but to find out what is their best color, you should muscle test. We have not found any particular color that helps prevent or treat cancer – it really is what that individual person or animal needs at the time, and that can change over time. That is why muscle testing is such a key factor in holistic care.
  • Crystal therapy is effective partly because of the wonderful healing colors the different crystals come in. But each crystal has its own healing properties. Most animals with cancer will not muscle test as crystals being a modality to use with them, due to the strong energy of the crystals. But you will find that some people will benefit from the crystals. For those animals that do need crystals, a collar pouch with the pouch color and crystal beads selected for them through muscle testing is ideal. For people, there is crystal jewelry and also different shapes like hearts and pyramids that you can put under your pillow, next to your bed, or on your desk. Again, the best way to know if you should use crystals, and if so, which ones and for how long, is through muscle testing. Many people don't realize how powerful crystals are and you don't want to just wear them or put them on your animal when you think it is best. You really need to KNOW when it is best because you do not want to make a person or animal uncomfortable or affect their energy system in a negative way.
  • Acupuncture can help keep the energy flowing smoothly in the body to help prevent cancer. It is sometimes used by holistic vets on pets with cancer or acupuncturists on people. Needles are not inserted in the tumor but rather in points to correct the imbalance in the body. Generally people that are trained in acupuncture are also trained in traditional Chinese medicine and can recommend herbs.
  • Homeopathy may help. If the tumor has developed from a vaccine, Thuja may help. Hydrastis is a general treatment for cancer. If the tumor is hard, Baryta carb may help. Phytolacca decandra can possibly help with breast tumors. If the wrong remedy is used or overused, it may aggravate the situation. It is best to seek the help of a homeopathic vet or practitioner.

    Cancer can be a rough road, but it does not have to be. And it does not have to be a road you take at all. Think prevention and learn how to make holistic care a way of life, not a last resort. While holistic care is not a replacement for proper veterinary or medical care, it can help animals and people on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and have amazing results.


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