Probiotics for Pets

Probiotics for pets was considered one of the top veterinary breakthroughs of 2007. They can help to put the good bacteria in the body, especially if your animal has been on antibiotics or steriods. Probiotics can also help the body process the food and build up the immune system. Ideally, every pet can benefit from probiotics.

Some people wonder if giving their pet yogurt is just as good. While it can be helpful, it is not quite the same concentration of bacteria as a product forumlated for an animal. Also, if your animal is allergic to dairy, feeding yogust is not a good idea. The same goes for a product that has lactose in it.

Mito-Max is a premium probiotic but it does contain lactose. Most animals do well on it but if they are dairy sensitive, this would not be an ideal probiotic. I chose Mito-Max though because of the USDA research that had been done with this product and it was formulated by a vet. It has exceptionally high rates of survival of the bacteria (billions/capsule). If you are interested in purchasing this probiotic, you can use coupon #IT08077 and get 10% off. You can order by calling 1-877-879-6486 or go to their website and order.

Another good probiotics for pets is Probios. It is not a premium probiotic as it is a loose powder, but it is still a good probiotic. I use it too. It is sold in many feed stores.

Probiotics for animals are a great idea. Check your food label to see if they are included. If not, consider offering it to your animal.

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