Make Your Pet Feel Great with These Cool Products

December 11, 2015 holistic animal care newsletter

Want to make your pets feel more comfortable when you are not at home?  This lovely music CD was created just for that purpose.

Want to bring peace and harmony to your pet's living space? These chimes resonate "Om" and help to clear the space of negative energy.

Many dogs have told us they wish they had a cream soft bed with sides.  It seems to be very comforting to them. Whether your dog is young or old, this style tends to provide a cozy and comfortable place.  Limited quantities.

   XX-SMALL          MEDIUM            LARGE            X-LARGE

Want to help your dog remain calm during thunderstorms or situations that makes them nervous? The Thundershirt was created for that purpose.  Blue is a calming color. Limited quantities.

     SMALL            MEDIUM          LARGE          X-LARGE

Click on the photo below and you will go to an incredible site called Pet Alive.  We use a lot of their remedies and so do our clients and students.  

And here is the coupon code for 50% off one item:         50-FORYOU