Use Your Innate Energy for Prevention & Healing

Continued from the August 2011 holistic email newsletter

Most people do not realize that most illness and disease is a result of emotional blockages in the body. Energy work helps to release those blockages. In other words, people get stressed. Animals get stressed. And if this stays in the body long enough, it can manifest into something physical, including cancer.

Energy work can help on a physical, mental, emotional AND spiritual level for both people and animals.

On a physical level, energy work can help to:

  • Relieve pain and discomfort and improve overall health and well-being.
  • Heal the body more quickly from injury or illness. If facing a serious illness or injury, it can bring comfort and be a great complement to traditional treatment. It can help with stress, pain, and reducing negative side effects from treatments.
  • If facing surgery, if given prior to surgery, can lessen the amount of anesthesia needed and help the post-op recovery to be faster and smoother.
  • On a mental/emotional level, energy work can help to:

  • Improve or eliminate behavioral issues.
  • Relax and reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Release and heal emotions from a traumatic situation such as an accident, abuse, neglect, etc.

  • On a spiritual level, energy work can help to:

  • Bring about a more positive approach to life.
  • Direct you on your path in life.
  • If facing death, it can bring peace and comfort to you and your beloved pet during this difficult time. Energy work helps to relax so that they are not afraid or struggling to stay a part of our lives and you are able to let them go.
  • What is really cool about energy work is that you do not have to touch a person or animal’s body to actually offer the energy. You certainly can if you want to, but it is not necessary. As a matter of fact, animals can be very sensitive to energy work and prefer you to help them from 5 feet away or even across the room (which is all you really want to do if an animal is timid to begin with). Other times, especially after you have offered them several sessions, they may position their body near you to tell you “Heh, work on my rear please!” This actually is a common area dogs like to have energy work done, often positioning their hindquarters near your hands. Cats on the other hand tend to enjoy soaking up the energy if you are working on someone else nearby. They tend to be more sensitive in that they get a lot of energy from just being in close proximity to a person or animal that is receiving energy.

    Here are a few simple techniques of how you can offer energy work to your pet or others:

  • Tap your collarbone to raise your energy level. This is an ancient technique and something you can do when you are feeling tired.
  • Rub your hands together to briefly warm them.
  • Intend that the healing energy is for the greatest good.
  • Hold your hands by your sides with palms facing outwards towards your pet. If easier, sit on the floor.
  • Intend for healing energy to go to your animal. You can even think of a healing color you like such as lavender or gold.
  • If your animal is receptive, you can place your hands with palms facing downwards, above your pet’s body or specific area that needs attention. If that is too much for them, you’ll notice they’ll walk away from you. Then you can just offer from a distance like when you started out. They’ll stop moving if and when they are comfortable.
  • To help with discomfort or illness, you can put the hand you write with towards the ground and the other hand above the area of concern. Intend that the discomfort or illness is coming out of them, going through you, out your hand that is pointing towards the ground, and disintegrating. This is a very popular technique for both people and animals.
  • And keep in mind that should you offer energy work on a regular basis, it can help prevent illness and disease. It is best not to wait until you or your pet really need it. For instance, if you normally get headaches, do energy work on your head on a regular basis. Think about making holistic care a way of life, not just a last resort.

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