Natural Remedies for Horse Colic

Learn what the signs of horse colic are and natural remedies for horse colic.

What are the signs of horse colic?
There are a number of possible signs of colic. The mild signs are your horse may not want to eat, may paw at the ground, look at their side, bite or kick at their stomach, stand awkward, or have diarrhea or dry/hard/very little feces. More serious signs are lying down and rolling, not wanting to get up, vocalizing from pain, swelling in their abdomen, sweating, and shallow breathing. If you think your horse is colicking, contact your vet immediately and do not wait as many horses have died from colic. If your horse wants to lay down, try to get it up and walk it unless it is too weak. Meanwhile, you can try some natural remedies for horse colic. If the intestine has twisted (called torsion) or the small intestine has telescoped (called intussuception), your horse will need surgery. While most colic is from impaction, constipation, or spastic and will not need surgery, you should treat it as life threatening.

What are some natural remedies for horse colic?

  • Aromatherapy: Basil, chamomile, fennel, geranium, juniper, marjoram, and orange can possibly help. See which one is right for your horse by noticing their reaction when you present it to them or by muscle testing. You can mix 2-4 oils together in a 2.5% dilution with coconut or aloe oil and then massage on their stomach. Click here to learn more about animal aromatherapy and sources.
  • Bach Flower Remedies: Rescue remedy, sweet chestnut, and water violet are remedies for horse colic that help your horse on an emotional level. You can offer the essences to your horse by putting on their lips or rubbing on them. Click here to learn more about flower essences for animals.
  • Homeopathic Remedies: Pet Alive has a homeopathic remedy to relieve symptoms of acute colic in horses such as stomach cramps and gas. Click here and go to the Pet Alive tab at the top of the page to see their great products.
    Dr. Gloria Dodd has a homeopathic remedy for colic and a digestive aid formula.
    Animal Wellness Consultants has a horse and colic kit.
    Karen Cohen has a horse homeopathy emergency kit.
    Click here to learn more about homeopathy for horses.
  • Herbs: Certain herbs can be beneficial for preventing and treating horse colic.
    For herbs to aid in digestion, click here.
    Awesome Horse has a natural, organic colic remedy that can be given at the first sign of colic or on a bi-monthly or monthly basis as a preventative.
    Herbsmith, Inc. has a chinese herbal forumla that can help prevent spasmodic colic.
    Impaction Aide is a liquid herbal product and Impaction Preventor is a powder herbal that can be given when impacted or as preventative.
  • Natural Supplements: Probiotics and blue green algae can be very beneficial to your horse's digestive system.
    For remedies for horse colic to prevent sand colic, click here.

    is a supplement that can prevent colic.

    What are some natural therapy remedies for horse colic?

  • Reiki (energy work) can be offered to your horse by placing your hands on or near their stomach. If your horse moves away at any time, offer reiki from a distance as they are sensitive to the energy and the discomfort from the colic can make them more so. See reiki for horses link for more information.
  • Acupressure can be offered for colic relief. Dr. Dodd has a chart that shows the 3 acupressure points.

  • If your horse has colicked several times, you need to look at the overall care you are giving your horse - nutrition, exercise, deworming and vaccination program (deworming and vaccinations can cause colic in some horses), and any possible stress. You need to see if you are possibly doing something unintentionally with your horse that is contributing to the colic. You may even find that you are doing something with your own life that is contributing to your horse's situation as animals are very sensitive to what goes on in our own lives, sometimes even mirroring our health problems or taking on a health issue just to bring something to our attention.

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