Resolve Aggression in Your Pets the Simple Way

From the May 2014 holistic animal care newsletter

If you don’t know how to talk to your animals, consider taking an animal communication class.  It will change your life and relationship with your pets forever!

Here are some other fantastic ways to help stomp aggressive behavior.  Keep in mind that not all ways are the ideal way for YOUR pet.  How do you know what is best?  You muscle test If you do not know how to do that, we offer an instructional ebook.

Color Therapy -  Make sure you do not put red on or around your pet.  Nothing says aggression like red.  It will take aggression to a higher level.  Soothing light blue is great.  Every animal has a healing color though for that time in their life.  You muscle test to find out what is the best color for your pet.

Aromatherapy – Essential oils can be very effective.  Lavender is great for calming but consider chamomile, marjoram and ylang-ylang for aggression and anger.  You will muscle test to determine if oils should be used, if yes then what method of offering them, what oils, how many drops and frequency.  See the April 2012 issue in the archives for more about administering aromatherapy.

Nutrition – Yes food can help stimulate aggression. 

  • Grains can heat up the body.  Consider a grain free diet.  And keep in mind rice is a grain. 
  • Focus on proteins like turkey, beef and fish instead of “hot” chicken and lamb.   Not sure what is hot, cool and neutral?  Check out the Traditional Chinese Medicine Food Charts that will help guide you.  Then muscle test!  
  • Keep food bowls separated far apart to avoid aggressive behavior during feeding time.
  • Don't always feed the same animal first or last if possible. Rotate so it does not come across that you are showing favoritism.  

Energy Work – Energy work comes in all forms but is simple and calming to do for both you and your pet.  Consider offering just 5-10 minutes a day and you could see some great benefits for that aggression.  See the August 2011 issue in the archives for more on energy work. 

EFT – Tapping may be the answer as it works on acupressure points associated not only with organs but also emotions.  The pinky finger is associated with anger.  See the February 2012 archive issue to learn more about EFT. 

Crystal Therapy – You can put them on your pet’s collar or halter in a special pouch that has a custom blend of crystals.  You can put larger crystals on the ground but make sure your pet does not ingest them.  You may find they like to rub against or lay on them. 

  • Hematite can help with aggression. 
  • Jade is also wonderful and helps to open up the heart. 
  • Rose quartz is super for aggression and anger. 
  • Remember to muscle test to determine if crystals will help, which ones and then how long to offer them. 

Flower Essences – The magic of the flowers can be so very healing.  Keep in mind the aggressive behavior may go deep into your pet’s past.  A custom flower essence blend can reach into their soul to help heal old wounds. 

Homeopathy – These powerful little pills can work wonders. 

  • Belladonna may help if the aggression involves biting or scratching.
  •  Ignatia can help with anger based aggression.
  • Lachesis may work for the animal that perceives there is a threat, including those that show aggression when they are awakened.
  • Homeopathy can be tricky as there are many remedies that can help with aggression.  Remember to muscle test if homeopathy will help and then if so, what is the ideal remedy for your pet.
  • See the September 2013 archive issue to learn more about homeopathy.

As you can see, there are many ways to end aggressive behavior.  The KEY is finding out which will work for your pet through muscle testing, as normally color therapy and 3-4 other methods will be the answer.  If you do not know how to muscle test, you can easily learn how with our 31 page instructional ebook with photos that teaches you how to for both people and animals.  

There is no reason for aggression to destroy your lives.  Open your heart and soul to the possibilities.  Know that your animals are your teachers and there is a reason you are going through this.



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