Battle Top 5 Holistic
Physical Issues with
Top 5 Holistic Solutions!

2.  Kidney/Bladder/Urinary conditions can result from inflammation of the bladder wall, bacteria spreading to the urethra and simply, a dry food or kibble diet. Urinary issues are actually a symptom of a kidney issue because the bladder and kidney are sister organs.  There are many holistic methods that you can consider to help what can be a chronic and stubborn condition.

  • Always remember that great health starts with great nutrition.  Most people don't realize dry food is a big culprit in urinary conditions, especially with cats. Dry food only provides about 12% moisture.  Cats need 85-95% moisture in their diet.  A raw or canned/wet diet for both dogs and cats can help to prevent urinary issues from developing into kidney disease.   
  • Hydrangea tea has a metaphysical property designed to dissolve stones.
  • Marshmallow is an herb that can aid urinary issues. Tinkle Tonic is an herbal tincture containing this herb. Kidney Support by Pet Alive is an herbal supplement that may help.
  • Homeopathy often used successfully with urinary conditions.  Cantharis is used for urinary infections without blockages.  Thalaspi bursa pastoris may help with urinary obstruction.  Apis is used when concentrated urine is passed in small amounts. UTI Free by Pet Alive  homeopathic remedy. 

3.  Ear Problems can be seen with outward signs of irritation, shaking the head, constant scratching the ears, smell a foul smelling discharge, redness (inflammation or fever) or the ears are tender to the touch - There may be many causes for the ears to have such conditions, most often an underlying allergy is to blame, but moisture or water left in the ear can cause infections allowing bacteria and yeast to grow.  Diet can also be a contributor to yeast in the ears. 

  • Herbs that can be very helpful in relieving symptoms of ear discomfort and yeast or fungus are witch hazel for cleansing, aloe vera oil to soothe, garlic, sage and thyme for anti-fungal properties.
  • Flower Essences such as Bach's Crab Apple can cleanse the ear and can be offered orally or topically.
  • Essential Oils to use for ear indications are Calendula, Bergamot, Geranium, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile. A pure product for soothing and cleansing is Halo Ear Wash.
  • Homeopathic Remedies that could muscle test useful are Chamomilla when very painful, Hepar sulph when inflamed, Graphites when smelly discharge, Rhus tox when infection is chronic. Hyland's Ear Drops is a blend of homeopathic remedies in one combination. 
  • Energy work always helps and a technique used in Tellington Touch called ear slides will bring animals out of shock by sliding your fingers from the base of the ear up toward the tip of the ear.  Doing this several times will calm the animal and bring them out of a trauma state.  For basic energy work, please refer to our August 2011 newsletter in the archives.

4. Joint and Mobility Issues  can affect any animal at any age, big or small.  These issues can really take their toll on animals, just like they do with people, and can limit animal's abilities dramatically. There are several solutions that can not only relieve pain, but help to rebuild joint cartilage and muscles.

  • Water is excellent for mobility problems - the animal gets complete relief from pain when in the water. Water therapy is highly recommended for strengthening and relieving pain, whether they are just resting in a flotation tank or pool or they are doing an activity to stimulate muscles like swimming, retrieving or physical therapy. 
  • Some of the top diet supplements that relieve mobility problems are salmon oil, alfalfa, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar and Willard's Water, which is a catalyst altered water that helps to balance the ph of the body. It is wonderful for your animals and yourself. Willard's Water helps with arthritic issues, back pain and hip problems.  You mix just 1 oz. of Willard's Water to a gallon of purified or spring water so an 8 oz. bottle provides 8 gallons of water.  We use the Ultimate type.
  • Acupressure and acupuncture help keep the chi or energy in the meridians flowing and the muscles and joints working to keep balance in the body, and both of these modalities have done wonders for injuries and even paralysis.
  • Natural Joint supplements that are very beneficial for joint and arthritic conditions are MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) derived from kelp, Glucosamine (sulfate, Hydro-chloride or N-acetyl) and Chondroitin. They can be found in powder, tablet or some in liquid form.
  • Color therapy can do wonders by placing light blue around the animal - either a blanket to lie on or over their back, collar or halter, crate covers, etc. Even crystal therapy can help such as amber or copper. Always remember to muscle test if crystals are best and which ones as crystals have a stronger energy.

5. Gastro-intestinal or digestion  issues come in many forms - upset stomach, gas, IBS, diarrhea, constipation or indigestion. Sometimes it can be due to ingesting something toxic. Very commonly though, it is caused by food sensitivities or allergies. 

  • Consider a grain-free diet. Grains in the diet can contribute to heat, inflammation and upset stomach.
  • Chicken and lamb are considered "hot" proteins in traditional Chinese medicine and can "heat" up the body, causing or contributing to stomach irritation.  Consider turkey, a "cool" protein or beef, a "neutral" protein.  To understand more about the proteins and how they affect the body, click here for the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) food therapy and food action charts. 
  • Animals need more moisture in their bodies and a pure kibble diet does not provide enough moisture.  Look at alternatives that contain more moisture such as canned or raw or dehydrated food.
  • Animals benefit greatly from having a probiotic added to their daily diet.  It helps to put the good bacteria in their stomach which aids their digestion.  Probios is a probiotic that is lactose free. Cheese or yogurt may be too rich and cause irritation in their stomach.  Some animals, like people, are sensitive to dairy so consider eliminating dairy from their diet.
  • Supplements that work for upset stomach, gas, IBS or toxicity - you can try Willard's Water or activated charcoal. To relieve diarrhea, consider ground flax, canned pumpkin puree or activated charcoal, and for constipation, look into Willard's Water and canned pumpkin puree.

Remember the key to finding the TOP holistic remedy for any condition any animal may have is to muscle test which modality is best and what  elements of that modality test strongest.   If you do not know how to muscle test, we offer a 31 page instructional ebook with photos.